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How to earn money with blogging

How to earn money with blogging

More and more people are earning
money with blogging. Do you also wonder about how you can earn money with
blogging? In this blog I will help you discover how to earn money with blogging
with a step-by-step plan. And that is important, because making money with
blogging is less easy than people think. It is certainly feasible, and almost
everyone can start blogging, but there are a few basic steps that are
fundamental if you want to earn money with blogging. If you apply the basics at
the beginning, then you will earn money faster with blogging.

The ultimate goal for most bloggers is to achieve financial freedom and to live their life the way they want. And if you are really good at it, you can even turn the blog into a passive income at a certain moment. Read my popular blog to learn everything about how to make a passive income.

You can earn money by blogging
through a few steps. We will discuss these steps below. This article gives you
a step-by-step plan for how you can generate income via a content platform or

Making money with
blogging: a step-by-step plan

Blogging is just one of the
ways to earn extra money. To earn this extra money in addition to your current
income, you will have to follow a few basic steps first. The following steps
are relevant for when you want to earn money as a blogger:

  1. Determine the niche that you are blogging about
  2. Ask yourself what value you will add as a blogger
  3. What is the blog strategy that you apply?
  4. Start blogging
  5. Earn money with blogging via different revenue streams

Step # 1: Blogging within
a niche

There are a lot of blogs on
the internet at the moment about virtually every conceivable subject. As with
everything, you’ll have to stand out if you want to become a popular blogger. To
do so, my first advice is to look at yourself. And ask yourself: what is your
passion? What is it that are you really good at? First think about this very
carefully, because that is the way to provide value to society and to your
future followers. Determine about what topic you can blog with enthusiasm,
motivation and purpose.

Although it is certainly possible, it is not that obvious that you can make money by blogging about your passion. To earn real money with writing, you also need to know what the market demand is. What do other people want to read? What answers do they have that are in relation to your passion and your knowledge? And what are the trends at the moment within your area of expertise? A good tool for this to find out is Google Trends, but also market research and common sense. The most important thing is that your passion connects to a specific target group. And this target group must be large enough to earn enough money from it.

Step # 2: Be a valuable

The best and most effective
way to earn money with blogging is to be a valuable blogger. A valuable blogger
will provide helpful quality answers to their followers that have specific
questions in which they need help. This could be knowledge. This could be a
collection of data. Or it could be giving inspiration. It does not really
matter. Because the key is that as long as it adds value to the customer’s
perception, you are making good progress. So you really have to know your
specific target group. Understand them, know what struggle(s) they have. So
just an example from myself is that I provide value to my readers by blogging
about how to achieve financial freedom. I provide insights, answers and
knowledge about earning and saving money, about personal development, and
everything related to those topics.

What is your passion? What do
you really care about and you think is fun to write about? The answer could be
a sustainable way for you to earn money with blogging.

In short, to make money with
your blog you will have to think carefully about how you will add value. Are
you the expert in your field? Or do you have interesting partnerships with
companies that allow you to offer unique discounts? Or do you just write very
nice? Anyway, be aware that you have to partly write about what the market
demands or needs. This requires high quality of the content. This is also
called rich content.

You only need to have a bit more knowledge than someone else

Remember: you only have to be slightly more knowledgeable about a topics
than someone else, in order to give them answers on their questions. In time,
when you consistently work on your blog, you will become the national or
international expert. Just don’t ever give in. Don’t quiet, don’t stop, always
continue with providing value.

Step 3 #: the fundament
for earning money with blogging is to have a blog strategy

So when you have determined
your passion, you have found your why. The why is important, because it gives
deep motivation and purpose. And when you have connected your passion with a
specific target group, you have partially found the how. The how is important.
It is the way to get there and reach your goal.
To complete your how, you will definitely need a blog strategy. Because
strategy is the fundament for earning money with blogging.

A blog strategy is needed to
reach your goal. Setting up a blog strategy starts with determining the basics
of what your goal is and how you are going to get there. Here you can ask
yourself three simple questions to define your strategy:

1. What is your current position?
2. Where do you want to go with your blog? So what is the end goal? (this could be a number like 1 million followers, or this could be to become the national expert)
3. How do you achieve your goal and what resources are needed for this?

Your answers on those three
questions will form the basics of what you are going to do. If you want to set
up a serious blog strategy, you will first have to delve into current theories
about strategy and marketing. But if you do not want to do this, you can go a
long way by thinking about the channels through which you will be offering
content and what type of content you will be writing. Think about what topics,
and what kind of material like only text, or also videos, images and podcasts.

Step # 4: Start blogging

In step 3 I have explained
that if you would like to earn some serious money by blogging, you should start
with defining a blog strategy. But be cautious that you do not research too
much. The reason is that often during your journey of building your own blog, you
also gradually find out what the market wants, and how you can make your blog
even better. This is a continuously learning process. But of course you do need
to get the basics right. Otherwise it would be extremely ineffective to reach
your goal. So that’s why my advice is: think carefully about the blog strategy
but don’t wait too long and start blogging as well!

When you start blogging, there are also some practical things to take care about. In example when you start blogging you should use some helpful tools. One of those tools is the Google Keyword Planner. This tool is particularly useful for finding out which search terms are popular and which are not. This is a classic case of “what the market demands”. Adjust your blog accordingly. To explain I will give you a small example: let us suppose you are going to write about goldfishes. Your first intent is to start a blog about “how to feed my goldfish”. But when you look at Google Keyword Planner on the word “goldfish”, you find out that people are not searching on how to feed their goldfish. It turns out they already know how to feed them. On the contrary, there are a lot of people searching on “how to keep my goldfish happy”. It seems your target group has concerns about keeping their goldfish happy. And if you write a blog with the answer on how to keep their goldfish happy, you are delivering some real value on what the market actually demands / needs.

Practical advices for blogging

Other practical advices for
blogging are:

  1. Define which topics you are going to write about in advance (use the Keyword tool).
  2. Set weekly or monthly goals to finish those topics on time. Planning and setting goals is very important as I explain in my popular blog about how you can achieve all your goals in 9 steps. With this method you will achieve all your goals. And once you have made these preparations, it is imperative to just start.
  3. To earn money with blogging you will also have to adopt a commercial mindset. As long as you always keep adding value and think about your readers, you will make great progress. But to make real money with blogging, you do need to think commercial and seek for business opportunities what are a Win-Win.
  4. A final advice is consistent focus. Continue to work consistently on your blog with a clear focus on your passion / target group combination. Success is only achieved by consistency.

Step # 5: Make money by blogging

And then the final step that
matters: making money with blogging. You can earn money by blogging in
different ways. Below an overview:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Writing blogs for companies
  • Sponsored content
  • Expand your blog to Youtube and Instagram
  • Become a influencer
  • Become a paid speaker about your blogs
  • Be creative and search for multiple sources of income

You can read all about making money with blogging in my comprehensive article about making money through passive income.

About the author
Raised by an entrepreneur, finishes Master degrees on Management and Strategy, and a passion for investing. My name is Jorik Vermeulen, founder of the Happy Investors Mindset community. Will you join our journey towards Financial Freedom?
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