Why Happy Investors Mindset?

The Happy Investors mindset is an ideology or a way-of-living that will bring you more happiness, more time to pursue your dreams and more financial freedom. The mindset of Happy Investing is not purely about money. We consider money, and financial freedom, as a sub goal of our primary goal: a Happy Life. We consider a Happy Life as one who can live free of financial concerns and stress, and instead can focus his or her Time, Energy and Money in things that makes a man or woman happy. This can be by pursuing your dreams, by doing more volunteering work, by building your own business or perhaps by spending more time with your family.

To reach YOUR desired life, we consider the Happy Investors Mindsets as a pathway to achieve this. We strongly believe that life is not about work. If you read further, you will learn to whom our concept is relevant. We will explain why it is relevant, and we will also explain how our online community can support you to achieve more financial freedom and to achieve your desired life.

happy investors mindset for financial freedom

Happy Investors Mindset

Our mindset is all about investing Time, Energy and Money (T.E.M.) in value-added activities that support your goal(s) and your happy life. All other activities, such as wasting time on too much relaxation, are less or not at all relevant. Whether you invest your time, your energy or your money in achieving your goal(s). The basic idea about investing is the optimal use of T.E.M. in favor of your goals and to achieve the desired life you want. In our vision, money is a crucial component. We want to earn more money, but not to become a millionaire (although that is possible if that is your goal). We want to earn more passive income so that we can buy time that can be used on achieving other goals, such as better relationships, more traveling, reading, and so on.

The Happy Investors Mindset (H.I.M.) is based on the core finding that investing Time, Energy and Money (T.E.M.) in things that YOU want, will add Happiness and Fulfillment to YOUR life. H.I.M. is applicable for both the employed as the self-employed, and even for those who want to start their own business. This is because the Happy Investors Mindset is a way-of-living. Happy Investors devote their T.E.M. in value-added activities that add happiness and joy to their own lives. It is your choice to act upon it or not.

“Our purpose is to spread the Happy Investors Mindset that will enable people to achieve their desired life with more financial freedom”

Financial freedom for a happier life

Although earning more money and financial freedom are crucial parts within the concept of H.I.M., it is not only about money. We consider money merely as a resource to achieve a happier life. For us, a happy life implies to have the choice to do what you want, whenever you want. Financial stress should not be part of the happy life.

Therefore, the happy investors can become happier because they ultimately have more time, energy and money available for the things they love. There should be enough time and energy available for the things you love to do. This could be building your own business, or travelling around the world (for many years). This could be also to spend more time with family, or when you want to achieve your dreams. Because, it simply is possible.

Become financial free, to have more time and energy available for pursuing your passion! With the Happy Investors Mindset you will ACHIEVE YOUR Dreams. IT. IS. POSSIBLE!

One final note: our vision with Happy Investors is a suggestion. It is not a 100% fit to all. Pick elements that you like best, and focus on them. Sometimes you have to stress yourself so that you can grow. However, we will never advise you to do things in which you do not fully believe.

Why is the Happy Investors Mindset more Relevant and Necessary than ever?

With our vision we teach people to achieve their goals and to get the desired life they want. This includes happiness and financial freedom (or at least less financial stress). Our community is more relevant than ever, because the world displays some concerning developments:

  1. More and more people end up in shitty jobs they hate.
  2. Upcoming human-replacing-technologies are happening increasingly faster. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or System Automation are replacing humans. If you are in a position that technology can replace you, then your future is in danger. Within the Happy Investors community we learn people to add value to businesses. We teach people to earn money with passive income streams. We teach people to be successful with Personal Development, Financial Freedom and Business Knowledge.
  3. The Social Gap is becoming bigger and bigger. The richer are getting richer because they know how to manage their money, how to create more money, and how to achieve Financial Freedom. When you are in the middle class, you will get hurt most. This is the moment to pick a side. Do you want to get poor? Or do you want to get wealthy and enjoy the good life?
  4. Financial education is not learned in school. Yet, financial education is more important than ever. If you want to achieve financial freedom, want to work less or if you want to enjoy early retirement. If so, then the Happy Investors Mindset is relevant for you. Join our learning community and become financial educated.
  5. If you are a parent, please take a moment to consider the importance of financial education for your children. What if your son or daughter learns to manage money on an early age? What if they could grasp the essence of investing in their early years? The Happy Investors Mindset is not preached in schools. In our community we do! Teach yourself, and teach your children for a better future.
  6. Workloads for employees are increasing and increasing. This puts a lot of stress on people. This is ridiculous. Life is not about work. Life is about LIFE! It is about enjoying and loving what you do. Do you want to become more effective? Or perhaps you want to become more value-added to companies? And what if you want to develop yourself and determine your own workloads within full-time jobs? For all of these reasons you should join our learning community.

less stress with financial freedom

Is the Mindset of Happy Investors relevant for you?

The Happy Investors vision is relevant for you if want to:

  1. Achieve your goals by being more effective and more efficient.
  2. Work less, and instead use this time to pursue your passion.
  3. Have more time available for value-added activities such as time with family, or other things that bring fulfillment to your life.
  4. Become more value-added at work, by learning skills and business knowledge that makes you the star employee.
  5. Become financial free. With our vision we intend to achieve financial freedom.
  6. Live YOUR life and following YOUR dreams, instead of others.

Within the H.I.M. you will learn all of these things. We offer a strong vision based on three fundamentals: Personal Development, Achieving Financial Freedom and Business Knowledge for Success. Continue your journey and read about our learning community below.

The Happy Investors learning community

The Happy Investors way-of-living exists of three learning communities. The first one is personal development. Personal development is more crucial than ever. To achieve your goals, to get that desired promotion, or perhaps to earn more money, you will have to develop yourself. Also, motivation and a mindset for success are much discussed topics in this course.

The second learning community is all about achieving financial freedom. How to achieve financial freedom? In this learning discipline we will learn on how to get financial free by earning more (passive) income, but also by setting clear goals and control our financial budget.

The third learning community is about Business Knowledge for Success. For those who want to succeed in business as an employee, or as an entrepreneur. This discipline will cover topics such as strategy, management, innovation and many more timeless topics that add value within the context of business.

What does a Happy Investor do?

Happy Investors know that on the short term they will need to invest their time, energy and money directly into their long term goal. The long term goal for any Happy Investor is a more enjoyable life. In our vision, financial freedom is an important aspect for an enjoyable life. Because those who have more financial freedom, can invest their time, energy and money in things that really matters to them. Think about it, with more financial freedom you will have to work less. You can literally buy the most valuable resource: time. With financial freedom, you can buy time that can be used for value-added activities. Whether this means investing more time in social relationships, in enjoying life or perhaps in following your passion, with a Happy Investors mindset you can achieve the desired enjoyable life.

The Happy Investor knows that investment of these resources is crucial to gain a more enjoyable life, with more financial freedom. For example: those who invest early in creating passive income streams, will benefit from it on the longer term. Those who invest now, at this moment, will yield the benefits on the longer term.

“Happy investors invest in making passive income that will (partially) cover their expenditures. This means we can work less, and use this free time and energy for our social relationships and our passion and dreams”

happy with financial freedom

The Happy Investors Mindset is not only about money

Happy Investors know that being a Happy Investor doesn’t merely mean to generate money. A Happy Investor can only be more happy when money is a resource, and not the end goal. Believing that money is the end goal, could have (in most cases) a negative impact on your personal and social environment. But those who realize that money is a key resource, will take the time, energy and money to invest. They invest so that they can generate more money, not as an end goal but as a resource.

The goal of the Happy Investor is not to become a wealthy billionaire. Or even a millionaire. The goal of the Happy Investor is to gain more financial freedom, so that he or she can work less and start to invest more time in his or her personal and social environment, and his or her personal dreams.

The Happy Investors Mindset is all about thinking like an investor. An investor knows that properly invested resource at time zero, will lead to more of the same resource at time zero + 1 (that is, the future). Start early to invest your time, energy and money to generate passive income that will allow you more financial freedom. Once the goal of more, or even 100%, financial freedom has been achieved. The Happy Investors will have more time, energy and money available to invest in their personal and social environment. This means even more sports. This means even more personal development by either education, travelling, or something else. This also means more time to spend with family. And more pleasant dinners with friends, more holidays and more happiness in life.

Everyone can become a Happy Investor

It is important to understand that the Happy Investors Mindset (H.I.M.) is a relative concept. In a timescale of ten years, everyone can do this. If you are teenager, age 16, with only 100 dollars to spend, you CAN do it. Or when you are a middle-aged man or woman, having three children and a bank account of 50.000 dollar, you CAN do it. And even if you are jobless, but willing to give all it takes, YOU. CAN. DO. IT.

Everyone can do this. Really, everyone. Everyone can do it because it is a very simple concept, but everyone who can do it must also be willing to do it. Those who would like to become a Happy Investor have to achieve the mindset of a Happy Investor. It will demand from you that you will invest your time, energy and money into your long-term goal. The hardest challenge by adapting this way-of-living, is the emotional discipline it takes. Are you willing to spend all your resources into only the value-added things that support your goal? Do you have what it takes? Do you have that strong vision? That goal you want to achieve? If yes, you will succeed by following the H.I.M.

E-book of the Happy Investors Mindset

In our E-book “The Happy Investors Mindset: How to use Time, Energy and Money to get Your Desired Life with More Financial Freedom” you will learn the concept of investing via the perspective of the Happy Investors. We will learn how our mindset and our choices can have a life-changing impact. According our principles there is no need for a huge change. The mindset will be achieved step by step. And with every step, the Happy Investor will become more happy as he or she will gain a sense of purpose and a better vision of life. Both financially, as especially in personal and social aspects.