Spiritual Development: Pragmatical Beginners Guide

Spiritual Development: Pragmatical Beginners Guide

Dear Happy Investor, spiritual development sounds like a vague activity. Some "spiritual thinkers" are indeed vague. However, spiritual development also has practical applications. In this article you will find a small beginner's guide for pragmatic thinkers who want to develop spiritually. This is relevant because essences from spirituality lead to a happier life. And as a Happy Investor, we want to be happier above all else besides financial independence!

On to spiritual development.


Why and how spiritual development will improve your life

 why spiritual development

Why is spiritual development important? Isn't that something for fuzzy hippies? No. Spiritual development is rational even for pragmatic thinkers. Spirituality is a personal process, it alludes to our link or connection with a higher power. Some call it God, Allah, Brahma, or the Universe. 

Some people believe this force is a person or a divinity, while others believe it is the intelligence that keeps the cosmos in order. Others see God as something inside of us, and we need to start to get in contact with that hidden wisdom. And there are rational thinkers who do not believe in "this kind of nonsense" at all.

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, spiritual development often implies a process of becoming a better person. It doesn’t mean becoming a hippie or a monk. It means being more conscious and finding inner peace.

We can improve materially. We can, for example, make more money, buy a huge house or graduate from University. And that is great, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we are happy.

But If at the same time we make an effort to achieve spiritual growth, we will see life from a different lens and enjoy every event more intensely.

Spiritual development gives you wisdom and a higher understanding of life and the universe.

Exercises for spiritual development and spiritual growth

developing spiritually

Are you ready to start working on your spiritual development? Here are some simple exercises that you can apply in your daily life. If it were up to us, you would try to keep it as practical and "down to earth" as possible. For a Happy Investor, spiritual development does not mean that you start believing in a "higher power". For us it means that you become more familiar with yourself and your own thoughts, so that you start believing in yourself more.

Belief in a greater whole can give you strength. But as a Happy Investor, we prefer above all to believe in ourselves. We are the driving force behind everything we want. Whether that is spiritual development, making a career, becoming a good parent or becoming financially independent.


Exercise 1. Meditation

Meditation is an essential part of spiritual development. It helps you to re-establish communication with your true self. When you quiet your thoughts, you can receive the answers you need. They're all within you.

Meditation can help you get in touch with your inner wisdom. That is why, if you want to grow spiritually, you need to meditate every day.

Also, meditation enriches every aspect of your life by allowing you to see things clearly.

So sit still and find a comfortable position for you. Relax your body as much as you can. Stretch, do yoga, whatever it takes to relax. You won't be able to calm your mind unless you relax your body.

After that, focus on your breathing. Inhale deeply, hold your breath, then exhale slowly. Repeat this process until your mind is entirely still.

Once you've attained a peaceful state of mind, you can begin focusing on something like a mantra, your heartbeat, or your brow. You will begin to meditate once you have reached that level of concentration.

Meditation is a skill that requires practice to master. Expecting significant outcomes almost immediately is unrealistic. Instead, if you persevere, you will enjoy the benefits.


Exercise 2. Examine your day

Being a better person is a part of spiritual development. It entails acknowledging that you aren't perfect and have room for improvement. If you believe you are already perfect the way you are, there is no possibility to grow.

Our egos cause us to harm ourselves and others. We can't develop spiritually without learning to understand and transform those negative thoughts and actions.

When you are angry and yell at others, you may say things that you will regret. The poison that bursts within you can emotionally harm others and yourself. So, let go of your negative feelings and transform them into wisdom and understanding

That doesn't mean you have to repress your feelings forever. It means reflecting on why you act, think, or feel the way you do. Don't pass judgment; simply observe. It will start to fade away after you realize why it hurts you and what is the root of the problem.

So, learn to apologize, accept responsibility for your mistakes, and work to become a better person every day. If you do so, you will become happier.

Before going to bed, take a moment to sit still and mentally recreate your entire day from start to finish. Keep every detail in mind and pay careful attention to what you said, felt, or did. Do this until you can remember the first instant you opened your eyes in the morning.

Observe every event and try to understand the hidden causes behind your actions. If you do this every night, you will get wiser in personal development.


Mindfulness exercises 3. Learn to live in the present

We suffer when our minds wander and think about anything else that is not what is happening right now. That is why it is essential to learn to live in the present.

We spend a significant amount of our waking hours obsessing about the future or clinging to the past. As a result, we become anxious, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

As you begin to live in the present, your problems fade away. Every situation provides you with an opportunity to learn and improve.

If your mind is continually concerned with the future or the past, you won't be able to enjoy the present moment.

The great thing about mindfulness exercises is that you can do them anytime you want: you may do them at work, eating, walking, and so on.

Mindfulness means being fully aware of the present moment, without judging or letting your mind wander. Instead, you focus deeply on what is happening right now.

You can start training your mind to stay in the present with mindfulness meditation practices such as paying attention to your breath. Sit still, close your eyes and observe every breath. If you get distracted, bring your focus back again to your breath.

It's so simple, but it takes practice. If you are disciplined and do this every day, you will completely change your life and how you experience every moment. 

Exercise 4. Find reasons to be grateful

Gratitude is necessary for spiritual development. 

When you're eating, be grateful. Show gratitude to Mother Nature for providing you with food and the people who assisted in its production.

Be thankful for all the money you receive, no matter how little. 

Also, be thankful for your entire family and circle of friends. Be appreciative of who you are. Recognize that you can find love within yourself, even if you aren't in a relationship.

Be thankful for your life and the daily wonders you witness.

If you are not grateful, you can spend your whole life without noticing all the miracles you can experience daily. In other words, you start to live mechanically and focus only on problems and obstacles instead of the beautiful things you have in hand.

Gratitude also leads to a better financial life. Those who are grateful have less need for materialism. As a result, you need less money or you have more money left over to invest in stocks, for example. In this way spiritual development can even contribute to financial development 😉 .

Exercise 5. Channel your energy wisely

Everything in the universe is energy. Everything we do requires energy, and we project our energy into everything we do. There are times, though, when we are don't know how to channel our energy. As a result, we repress it, which leads to tensions, stagnant energy in the body, and unresolved feelings. That causes rage, anxiety, and frustration.

If you do not channel your energy correctly, you may experience physical and mental consequences. When you learn how to channel your energy, you can find joy and inner calm. That is the point of spiritual development.

Using creative activities is an amazing way to relieve and release pent-up energy. Painting, singing, writing, and playing an instrument are just a few examples. Physical activity is another way to channel your energy effectively.

You can do yoga, tai-chi, qigong, or other physical disciplines that involve energy control. This way, you can release those built-up emotions and let go of what is no longer serving you. 

Exercise 6. Eat healthy food

You are what you eat! Of course, eating unhealthy, processed junk food will make you feel like junk.

When we're feeling down and lacking energy, It all comes down to the food we put into our bodies. 

If you want to feel fresh and rejuvenated, choose fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables, spices, and grains. Prefer light food that is easy to digest. The food you eat should nourish your body, mind, and soul.

The food you eat influences your mental and emotional well-being, as well as your spiritual development. Some foods bring mental clarity and balance. This is therefore a simple yet practical exercise for spiritual development: eat healthy. 

Questions, comments or additions regarding spiritual development? Let us know in the comments below!

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