CoinRule Review [2022] Automatic Crypto Trading Reliable?

CoinRule Review [2022] Automatic Crypto Trading Reliable?

Dear Happy Investor, this review is about CoinRule. With some regularity I write about investing in cryptocurrency. As a long-term investor, I am not convinced by Bitcoin and crypto. And so my opinion is that you get the most out of it thanks to active investing. That means buying low and selling high. This is where crypto trading bots can work well. More recently in 2021, there are platforms that work with automated cryptocurrency investing. One such platform is CoinRule. In this CoinRule review, we discuss the pros and cons of automatic crypto investing.

Although interesting, I have no experiences with CoinRule and crypto trading bots at this particular moment. Do you have any experiences with them? Please share your knowledge with us via the comments at the bottom of this article 😊.

Let us begin the review!

Table of Contents:

How does automatic crypto investing via CoinRule work? Review
Automatic crypto trading based on limit orders
Is CoinRule reliable? The experiences of other investors
Compare CoinRule on Pros and Cons
Conclusion on my CoinRule review

How does automatic crypto investing via CoinRule work? Review


CoinRule is best thought of as a platform with algorithms. Algorithms that can be set for automatic crypto investing. CoinRule’s software reminds me of the Trading Navigator Method. This is a software with algorithms for stocks and options. The algorithm tells you when to buy and sell a stock. CoinRule’s software works similarly, but it trades automatically via your current crypto investment account.

I have no experience with CoinRule. I have not tested whether this platform actually works. Basically, it’s a crypto trading bot, like there are many. Its functionality is simple, but you will need to understand the basics to get the maximum results.

You can set up rules for automatically buying and selling crypto coins. I will explain this below.

Automatic crypto trading based on limit orders

From my CoinRule review I know that the software works with IF > THAN rules. You can set this up yourself. It looks like this:


The “sequences” is the rule you set for automatic buying and selling of crypto. In this case you use the rule “IF [any coin]”. You can also change this to a specific coin, such as “IF [Bitcoin]”. Next, you set the conditions. The sequence from above will repeat itself 10x. Essentially, any coin that drops 3% and meets the MA is automatically bought. Then this coin is automatically sold when it rises 2% from your buy level.

In fact, these are similar to limit orders as you have with shares. But the difference is that you can create these limit orders based on price decrease or increase. And that for any crypto currency. And all without coding skills. It works quickly and easily. But the down-side is that you have less control. There is automatic trading on your investment account. So you need to have 100% faith in the algorithm working accurately.

At the moment it is still possible to create a free demo account.

You can try out the rules for free. For this you need one trading account on a well-known crypto investment platform such as Binance or Coinbase. Coinrule works with 10+ crypto platforms. Should you want to try it out, do so with a small amount.

Is CoinRule reliable? The experiences of other investors

The biggest question is whether CoinRule is reliable. It’s not that you have to put money on it. After all, you’re trading from your existing crypto investment platform. But Coinrule must be reliable in terms of how it works. Do the algorithms work? Does it deliver positive returns?

Throughout this CoinRule review, I’ve been objectively looking for pros and cons. But first, let’s reason logically ourselves: you want to use the software for automatic crypto investing. You set rules through which buying and selling is done automatically. Suppose you set a rule to automatically buy Ethereum at -5%. From that point, you want to automatically sell at a price increase of +10%.

If Ethereum continues to fall from that point, the rule will not be triggered. In that case, it may take a long time for the coin to reach that point again.

To get the most out of trading bots, you will therefore have to work with small percentages. For example buy at -2% decrease and sell at +3% increase. This will increase the probability that the rule will be activated. Do pay attention to the transaction costs here.

Now for some reviews and experiences from this CoinRule review:


In general, crypto traders have had good experiences with CoinRule. Most reviews are about (1) easy use of automatic buy and sell rules, (2) fast (live) support, and (3) good community.

Interestingly, I don’t see any review that tells specifically about her profit or loss. That’s a shame.

There are also a few negative reviews. These are mostly about “glitches” in the system. Another complains about an unwanted automatic trade. Presumably on a volatile day. Either way, these are important things to consider. Should you want to start, at least start with a very small amount.

Want to know more about how it works? Click here for more information

Compare CoinRule on Pros and Cons

CoinRule is not the only platform for automatic cryptocurrency investing. Therefore, let’s compare CoinRule. For example, there are several “crypto trading bots”. Well-known providers are 3Commas and Cryptohopper. Cryptohopper is relatively cheap. However, most reviews are especially enthusiastic about 3Commas. This platform has already received 840 reviews with an average score of 4.1 out of 5. It is one of the largest trading bots at the moment, with over 100,000 users. In terms of functionality, it is very extensive, which does make it complex (for beginners).

If we compare CoinRule with other crypto trading bots, we obtain some advantages and disadvantages.

Pro’s of CoinRule:

  • Automatic buying and selling of all crypto coins based on algorithm
  • No knowledge of coding required
  • Relatively easy to use with small learning curve
  • Applicable to 10+ popular crypto platforms

Con’s of CoinRule:

  • How reliable is it really? I don’t see any evidence from current users about the actual operation by which they made money
  • You won’t get rich overnight! An automated crypto trading bot sounds great, but there are big risks. Moreover, you have to do a lot of testing to find out if it works. And even then, you run huge risks given the high price volatility
  • Relatively expensive

Would you like to try CoinRule for free? Click here for a free demo account

Will you let me know your experiences? Help to make this CoinRule review more accurate 😊

Conclusion on my CoinRule review

After the CoinRule review, it is clear how it works: automatic crypto investing via buy and sell orders. This works essentially the same as limit orders in stocks. Only you can set up automatic limit orders for any crypto currency imaginable. Not by name, but by price rise and fall.

In theory, crypto trading bots like CoinRule’s are particularly interesting. Crypto is a volatile market. Automatic investing based on limit orders can lead to high returns. Nevertheless, I do have doubts about how CoinRule works. Partly due to lack of own experience with this platform, but also due to the lack of evidence. The reviews are positive, but no one who reports having made a lot of money through it.

Do you want to try CoinRule? Then choose the free demo account and start with a small amount to test. It would be much appreciated if you share your experiences with us in a comment below!

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