A burning desire as mindset for success

A burning desire as mindset for success

If you want to have success, you have to have a burning desire towards success. A mindset for success is crucial if you want to become successful. It is the foundation of your future path. Whenever you have a fall back on your journey, it will be your mindset that decides if you get up or stay at the ground. Basically the answer is, how bad do you want it? How strongly do you desire? What is your mindset for success?

A Mindset for Success

A classic book on success is the literature of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Although is book is a bit philosophical, Napoleon has done a massive research among many people who had success. Think about Thomas Edison, Ford and Carnegie. Yes, these successful people have already passed away, but the lessons we can learn from them are timeless. Success is timeless.

There is not one formula, because societies are continuously changing. However, if you have the basics right, you can achieve success in every environment. And that is exactly what the book of Think and Grow Rich is about. In his book, there is a powerful quote. The quote is ‘What you imagine what you become’. This sentence is very powerful and is relating to our mindset. How do you see yourself? Do you consider yourself an unique individual with distinctive skills and the willingness to work hard? Do you consider yourself as destined for a greater cause? Perfect! Because the more positive you are about yourself, the more success you will get in life.

Believe in yourself is the most valuable asset

Of course, I do not believe that merely thinking of something will bring success. However, I do believe that the mindset for success is fundamental for having success. Think about it: if you believe that you will live an ordinary life, just because you believe that you don’t have unique skills or what so ever. If you believe that, you are probably right. You are right, because your mind will determine your actions and thoughts.

But let us now examine the opposite situation. When you believe that you are powerful beyond measure, that you have special skills and that you can add value to the world. If you believe that success is a choice, but that you have to work for it. If you believe all that, then your mindset will control your actions and thoughts. Your mind will, sometimes unconsciously, motivate you to stretch yourself, to work on your dreams and to take action! You will set higher goals and standards because you believe that success is meant for you. And you will speak with more power and confidence, and you will not hold back when someone says no to your dreams. You will do more to convince others. Also you will try more, to achieve your goals. And, it is a upward spiral.

Those who have a strong mindset, will set higher goals and therefor achieve higher results. Then, when achieving higher results, you will set your new goals even higher, leading to even higher results.

desire mindset for success

Idea + Desire = success starting point

Let us get back to the quote of ‘what you imagine you become’. The essence of this quote is that if you really desire towards something, you will get it. If you really desire to be an actor, you will become an actor. If you really desire to become financial free, you will become financially free. This is almost inevitable. You will not become what you think, just by merely thinking about it. No, that is not the cause. You will become what you think about, because you think about it. And if that burning desire is consistently in your mind, then you will take actions to achieve your desire. Although a mindset for success will not make you successful by definition, it is a existential good start.

In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon teaches us that becoming rich or achieving any other goals starts with an idea. This idea will result in a very strong, burning desire to make this idea a reality. What you imagine you become. Secondly, you will have to transform your idea in a practical and concrete plan. You will have to use your knowledge and skills, but also you will need to gather a mastermind team. In this team you gather a diverse and intelligent group that is supporting your idea. Because unfortunately you can’t have all the business knowledge you will need. So, you are bundling skills, experiences and knowledge to help you execute your idea that has now become a practical and concrete plan.

A mindset for success starts with a burning desire. When you have an idea and a desire, your next step is to make a clear goal. In our next article we will explain you everything about how to achieve all your goals. Spend five minutes of your life by reading this article. You will not regret it!

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