How to achieve more success in life? Must-know Tips!

How to achieve more success in life? Must-know Tips!

You want to achieve success in life. Okay, well. Let’s start with what achieving success means to you. So ask yourself the question: when am I successful? Because only when you know when you’re successful can you realize it. And success comes in many forms.

One person wants to become financially independent by working on passive income. And the other is successful when he or she gives a lot back to society. Either way, in any case, you will achieve success through mindset. And not just any mindset, but a growth mindset.

What is a growth mindset, and why do I need one?
How everyone achieves more success with a growth mindset
Setting goals with a plan of action
Raise your standard
Satisfaction is your greatest enemy
Visualize your success
Focus and Discipline are Critical to Achieving Success
Survival of the fittest

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is something that has become increasingly popular to name lately. And to be honest, it’s a very logical and obvious principle for driven people.

With a growth mindset, you can achieve any success you desire. How? You’ll read about that below, where we cover three points:

  1. What is a growth mindset?
  2. How do you achieve more success with a growth mindset?
  3. What are the basic characteristics for achieving success?

What is a growth mindset, and why do I need one?

Before we start learning how to achieve success thanks to a growth mindset, I will briefly describe what a growth mindset means to me personally. To me, having a growth mindset means that you are always looking for personal development. You always try to look for mental and physical growth.

With mental growth, I mean continuous learning and gaining knowledge. You can only achieve success if you have focus, discipline, and skills. If one of the three elements is missing, then it becomes extremely difficult to achieve success. Someone who wants to experience mental growth, therefore, focuses at least on these three qualities. Focus and discipline are more difficult to train, but it is certainly possible. Also altering your environment so that it will support focus and discipline, will make a big difference.

Skills are gained by continuous learning and experimentation. In short, just start and do not be afraid to fail.

Physical growth is also important. How are you going to run a marathon without a fit body? You don’t achieve success as a sprinter but as a marathon runner. Thanks to a fit body, you will have more energy. But more importantly, you will have much more self-confidence.

Self-confidence determines whether you dare to step into the spotlight, whether you take on that challenge, and whether you dare to get up after failing (which is learning).

In short, a growth mindset is a search for continuously learning and see everything as a challenge (with an optimistic touch). Open yourself up, dare to ask questions, and above all don’t be afraid but to fail.

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How everyone achieves more success with a growth mindset

Having a growth mindset is the foundation. This is the foundation on which you will build and how you experience reality. An example is an optimist versus a pessimist.

Suppose both people want to achieve the same goal. But somewhere halfway there is a major setback. In this situation, the pessimist is more likely to see this as confirmation that he or she doesn’t deserve it (or something similar). However, the optimist will perceive the setback as a fun challenge. As an opportunity to learn.

Who do you think is more likely to achieve its goal? Which of the two will be more successful?

The growth mindset, perceiving events as a learning opportunity, form the basis along with your definition of success. The latter will be easier than the former, so at least make sure you know when you are successful. And along the way, you will be able to strengthen and develop the growth mindset.

Besides the basics, there are a few other important necessities that will help you achieve success. I’ve listed them below. It’s just a summary of the necessities needed to achieve success. You can use it as guidance.

Besides your definition of success and applying the growth mindset, other necessities for success include, but are not limited to:

  1. Setting goals with a plan of action
  2. Raise your standards
  3. Visualize your success
  4. Satisfaction is your greatest enemy
  5. Hard-nosed focus and discipline
  6. Survival of the fittest

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Setting goals with a plan of action

Planning your success starts with targeting a distant dot on the horizon. If you leave without goals and a plan of action, it can be a very long journey. For example, a plan of action is necessary to be effective. Because by working effectively, you will be more likely to achieve your goals (faster) and thus be more likely to be successful.

In addition to a plan of action, you need goals. For example, it helps to break a long journey into smaller pieces so that you can achieve small successes in the short term. This is important for motivation because the brain becomes unmotivated otherwise.

If you want to know everything about how to achieve more success thanks to goal setting, then you should definitely read this article about how to achieve goals in 9 steps.

Raise your standard

Raising the standard is very important for the mindset and your self-image. You can compare this to raising the bar. Only you raise the bar by setting higher goals, and you raise the standard by demanding of yourself that you deserve better. You deserve more, you deserve better. And if you really believe in that (because it’s true), then you will also live life differently.

You will demand of life that you deserve more, and automatically you will work harder for it. People with an external locus of control see this as fate, but people with an internal locus of control see it as their right that they can control. People with an internal locus of control are typically more successful because they take responsibility for their own success.

They raise the standard.

Satisfaction is your greatest enemy

This is also related to the above. If you have a low standard for yourself, you are more likely to be satisfied in life. Contentment is the biggest enemy for people who want to be more successful. Note: I’m not saying that being satisfied is bad, but in the context of achieving more success, satisfaction makes for slower progress. Of course, you can be very satisfied when you have achieved all your goals. Then it’s just a question of how high you set the bar.

Coming back to satisfaction: if you are satisfied then you will not feel the urge to work hard for your goals. In contrast, someone who is dissatisfied makes himself angry. He is frustrated and not satisfied with the current situation. A dissatisfied person is willing to work hard to change his or her situation. In short, dissatisfaction can be a motivator to achieve more success. And you can influence this by raising your standard and setting the bar even higher.

Personal note: sometimes you have to get angry at the situation and work your ass off. Yet, learn from my experience that being satisfied with what you have will give you peace of mind. So appreciate what you have, and desire more by working hard for it.

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Visualize your success

Visualizing success is a huge stimulus for the brain. It works both consciously and especially unconsciously. If you take 10 minutes every day to visualize your success, you will literally train your brain to work towards that success.

Another great benefit of visualizing is that you get to think about what success actually looks like for yourself. This helps define your success as cited above. But most of all it is a great motivation to continuously remind yourself of why you are doing something.

Just like I keep reminding myself why I believe and work on the Happy Investors Mindset (the goal is to achieve more financial freedom so you can enjoy a more fulfilling life because you have time for things you are truly passionate about).

Now I can imagine that you need an answer to the question of how to visualize success. What methods, techniques and, tools are out there? My advice is to start with the video below.

Focus and Discipline are Critical to Achieving Success

As you’ve noticed, all the basic traits for success I’ve covered so far are linked to mindset. But that’s what it is: the basics. The basics are to train your mindset (mind and brain) to achieve success. That starts with a strong desire for success. Next, you will need to believe that you deserve this success (because, why not?). And then it’s time to work on your success.

I strongly believe that working hard with full focus and discipline will give you any success you desire.

Several scientific studies have been done on how to achieve success. Among the most important factors, focus and self-discipline are almost universally at the top. Focus means constantly having your eyes on the price. You continue to work on that one, single goal.

For example, do you have a start-up? Then start with only one goal, such as building a webshop. Give full focus to that. And when you are finished, move on to the next goal.

Self-discipline seems to speak for itself: don’t be pathetic, don’t be fainthearted. Achieving success always means working very hard. Do you find your life hard? Pathetic. Think you have it tough? Everyone is struggling. Excuses and excuses can be found everywhere. Successful people put things in perspective and turn setbacks into opportunities to learn and grow from them. Thus, the person who continues to work continuously with discipline toward their goals will achieve success.


Survival of the fittest

You’ve probably heard of this term. The essence of survival of the fittest is that the species with the best chance of surviving is the one that can best adapt to its environment. This can imply being strong, as many people think, but also other traits such as, for example, speed or intelligence. For example, intelligence is the distinguishing factor that has made homo sapiens the dominant species on earth. So. back to relevance. Survival of the fittest is relevant because you will be more successful if you can adapt to the environment. The environment is constantly changing, and when you can best adapt when needed, the higher your chances of success.

But beware: because paradoxically you can also be mega-successful by being contrary to society. This is entirely true, but personally, I think this is an exception to the rule. Only if you really strongly believe in your purpose, you should stick to it. Even if the environment sees it very differently. Having said that, your chances of success are higher when you adapt yourself to the environment. It’s a simple probability calculation.

In short, keep developing and adapting yourself to the environment but also maintain a firm line to your principles and in what you believe (your purpose). An excellent way to do this is to continue to develop yourself through training, courses, and self-study.

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