10x New Crypto Coins with Potential [2022] + How to find new crypto coins

10x New Crypto Coins with Potential [2022] + How to find new crypto coins

Dear long-term investor, will crypto coins still have potential in 2022? Only time will tell. What is certain, however, is that even the most potential crypto coins include high risk. In our opinion, we cannot apply fundamental analysis to determine their potential in price returns (as we can with stocks). Hence, we need to look at technical analysis, market cap and (total) supply.

Based on these factors, and anticipated project developments, we have compiled a list of 10 new crypto coins with potential.

Let us begin.

New crypto coins with big potential

We have compiled a list of 10 new crypto coins with potential. We have used one year of data[1] to analyze their performance:

new-crypto-coins-big-potentialsource: Happy Investors

Let's talk about each coin separately and see what we think of these new crypto coins with potential.

In our opinion, it is better to choose for other kinds of investments as a long-term investor. Read our ideas and suggestions in this article about the best things to invest in.

New Crypto Coin with Potential 1. [Avalanche AVAX]

Avalanche[2] aims to address the blockchain trilemma, which states that blockchains cannot reach a sufficient level of decentralization at scale. As a result, gas prices are typically exorbitant, as is the case with Ethereum. Avalanche created three interoperable blockchains to address this issue.

  1. The native AVAX coins and other assets are created and exchanged via the Exchange Chain (X-Chain).
  2. Smart contracts and decentralised apps are hosted on the Contract Chain (C-Chain).
  3. The Platform Chain (P-Chain) organizes network validators, monitors current subnets, and allows new subnets to be created.

This split of computing jobs allows for increased throughput while maintaining decentralization. Because of the huge advantage of its blockchain model, we put Avalanche AVAX on the list of new crypto coins with potential.

New Crypto Coin with Potential 2. [Solana SOL]


Solana[3] is well-known for its extraordinarily fast processing rates. Solana's hybrid protocol greatly reduces validation times for transactions and smart contract executions. Solana has also nettled the interest of institutional investors because of its swift processing speeds.

The protocol is designed to serve both casual users and business clients. One of the key promises Solana makes to clients is that they would not be startled by higher fees and taxes. The protocol is meant to have minimal transaction costs while yet ensuring scalability and quick processing. Due to its fast processing rates, Solana seems a good candidate on the list of new crypto coins with potential.

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New Crypto Coin with Potential 3. [Polkadot DOT]

Polkadot[4] is a sharded multichain network to execute several transactions on multiple chains (parachains) at the same time. Scalability is enhanced due to the parallel processing power. The Substrate architecture makes it quick and easy to create custom blockchains, and Substrate blockchains are meant to be easily connected to Polkadot's network. The network is also very adaptable and versatile, allowing participants to share information and functions. Polkadot may be automatically upgraded without the need for a fork to add new features or fix issues.

The network has a complex user-driven governance mechanism in place, with all token holders having a say in how the network is administered. Polkadot allows teams to design their own blockchain governance based on their needs and changing situations. Nominators, validators, and collators all have different roles to play in helping to protect and sustain the network while also eradicating undesirable behaviour. Due to its capability of creating a private blockchain, Polkadot is on our list of new crypto coins with potential.

New Crypto Coin with Potential 4. [Uniswap UNI]

Uniswap[5] exists to bring liquidity and thrives on providing an opportunity to trade and the value that trading delivers to the DeFi community.  Uniswap is more than simply a decentralised exchange; it aims to overcome the liquidity concerns that platforms like EtherDelta have faced.

Uniswap inventifies activities by limiting risk and lowering costs for all participants by automating the market-making process. The approach also removes the need for users to provide their identities, and technically, anybody may form a liquidity pool for any pair of tokens. This approach provides UNI with a spot on the list of new crypto coins with potential.

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New Crypto Coin with Potential 5. [NEAR Protocol NEAR]

NEAR's[6] Nightshade technology significantly boosts transaction throughput. Nightshade is a sharding variant in which different sets of validators process transactions in parallel over numerous sharded chains, increasing the blockchain's total capacity. In contrast to "normal" sharding, Nightshade shards create a fraction of the following block, known as "chunks." As a result, the NEAR protocol can process up to 100,000 transactions per second and achieve near-instant transaction finality owing to a one-second block cadence while lowering transaction costs to a bare minimum.

NEAR's ability to process transactions at lightening speeds makes it one of the new crypto coins with potential.

New Crypto Coin with Potential 6. [Axie Infinity AXS]

Each Axie[7] has six of the hundreds of distinct possible body parts, each with its unique combat move. This results in almost infinite variability among Axies, with most Axies having very poor statistics and some with the strongest combination of body parts having extraordinary stats. Unlike some other blockchain-based battling and breeding games, each Axie may only be bred seven times in order to assist regulate the Axie population. Because of its flexibility and popularity in the gaming world, we think AXS is one of the new crypto coins with potential.

New Crypto Coin with Potential 7. [The Sandbox SAND]

The Sandbox[8] generates a metaverse of interested contributors that participate in the platform's continued growth by focusing on user-generated content. Furthermore, by introducing the SAND token, the Sandbox encourages decentralised governance and lets users to voice their thoughts and ideas regarding the project's future. Decentralised governance is becoming a must-have in blockchain-based initiatives as technology evolves.

The startup got off to a fast start and succeeded in attracting backing and funding from a few famous names in the gaming industry, making it one of the new crypto coins with potential. Also, The Sandbox is part of the current hype about investing in the Metaverse.

New Crypto Coin with Potential 8. [Elrond EGLD]

Elrond[9] bills itself as a blockchain platform for the emerging internet economy, decentralized apps, and business applications. Its key selling point is its great scalability, claiming to be the first blockchain network to include state, network, and transaction sharding. According to its white paper, it intends to expand its ecosystem and create EGLD as a store of value asset. The corporation keeps a supply of EGLD tokens to stake on the network during the first year, with validator nodes getting a 36% annual return, which puts it in the list of new crypto coins with potential.

New Crypto Coin with Potential 9. [Gala GALA]

The Gala[10] Node ecosystem is built on three types of nodes: proof-of-work (PoW), proof-of-stake (PoS), and proof-of-storage (PoS). PoW are known as Founder Nodes, and they are tier-1 nodes with 50,000 fully-owned NFTs. These are the network's early sponsors, and they will earn NFTs from all subsequent games and GALA assigned to their node license. PoS nodes are paid nodes that run certain games using a smart contract "rental" framework. Proof-of-Storage nodes are free nodes that allow games to be entirely hosted on the node ecosystem, eliminating the need for centralized hosting solutions like Amazon S3. With the exponentially growing popularity of NFTs, we think GALA is one of the new crypto coins with potential.


New Crypto Coin with Potential 10. [Helium HNT]

Helium's[11] primary target audience will be device owners and individuals interested in the internet of things (IoT), with financial incentives offering additional outreach opportunities. Hotspots, which are a mix of a wireless gateway and a miner, can be purchased or built by network members. Each hotspot delivers network coverage within a specific radius while also mining Helium's native coin, HNT. The network is powered by proof-of-coverage, a novel consensus mechanism based on the HoneyBadger BFT protocol that allows network nodes to establish consensus even when connection quality is very variable. Users pay transaction costs in a separate currency called Data Credits, which is not exchangeable and is attached to particular users. Due to the growing popularity of IoT, we believe Helium is one of the new crypto coins with potential.

How to find new crypto coins with potential?

Finding new crypto coins with potential is not easy. First of all, many crypto coins are pretty much hopeless. They involve meme coins or scam projects. For example, there are thousands of altcoins with praise for its future projects, without ever achieving any results. In fact, some altcoins only have a website created by one person.

Crypto coins are not a suitable long-term investment as yet. There is a lot of return to be made, however, because the risk is also extremely high. Therefore, for the time being, we see crypto currencies as a short-term investment that tends towards speculation.

The trick is to find the new crypto currencies with real potential. Solana is an example of this. It is an enhanced version of Ethereum. Whether this network will ever grow into a full-fledged system remains to be seen, but potentially it is a useful network.

You find new crypto currencies mainly by looking at the Use Case. This means: what is it used for? Dogecoin has no Use Case. It is a worthless coin that is not used for anything. Ethereum, on the other hand, is being used. In the long run, only useful crypto coins will continue to exist.

Other factors to look at for potential:

  1. Is there an experienced company and team behind the crypto project?
  2. What other projects do they have running?
  3. Is there a supply limit and when will it be reached?
  4. Small market value can potentially lead to higher price returns
  5. Check out forums to see which crypto currencies are trendy. For now, crypto is a speculation in supply and demand, with trendy projects more likely to rise

What factors do you include in your analysis to find the most potential crypto coins? Let us know in the comments below!

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