DEGIRO Investment Portfolio 2024: Investing with DEGIRO Shares and ETF

DEGIRO Investment Portfolio 2024: Investing with DEGIRO Shares and ETF

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In the first five minutes of the video on DEGIRO investment portfolio, the presenter shares his entire stock portfolio and highlights five stocks he thinks will outperform the market this year. They begin with an overview of their portfolio, which is managed by DEGIRO, a European stockbroker known for its low fees.

The presenter mentions that their portfolio is not focused on a small number of companies, but rather includes a diverse range of investments, including large-cap stocks, small stocks, European stocks, Asian stocks and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). There is also a mix between growth stocks, Value stocks and small cap stocks.

The presenter discusses a few specific investments, such as Booking, and shares their strategy of looking for great opportunities in smaller stocks because of the overvaluation of many large-cap stocks. They also talk about their investment in ETFs and how they use technical analysis to choose good ETFs. The video on DEGIRO investment portfolio includes a discussion of the presenter's investment mistakes and learning experiences, highlighting the importance of valuation in investment decisions.

DEGIRO investment portfolio: 5 stocks for 2024

The presenter begins by discussing the first of five stocks he believes will outperform the market, mentioning ANF (Abercrombie & Fitch) and AppLovin, highlighting the latter's promising growth and valuation metrics. The presenter emphasizes the importance of a company's valuation, growth, momentum and EPS characteristics in determining its potential to outperform the market.

In the video, the presenter goes on to discuss their top stock picks and investment philosophy.

AppLovin: The presenter believes that AppLovin is a good company with the right characteristics to outperform the market, referring to its growth, valuation, momentum and EPS revision. They plan to review performance quarterly.

Booking Holdings: Another topper, Booking Holdings, is one of the largest positions in the presenter's portfolio. Despite its high valuation, the presenter sees it as a long-term investment opportunity with a strong business model and a high return on invested capital.

Celestica: The presenter loves Celestica, not necessarily because of its highest earnings, but because of its position in an interesting sector and the overall strength of the company. They plan to explain more about their stock methodology regarding Celestica in future videos.

The other two stocks named are ANF and MHO.

Investment methodology at DEGIRO investment portfolio.

The presenter discusses their investment methodology, influenced by Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, with an emphasis on buying large companies and holding them for a long time. They emphasize the importance of regularly checking fundamentals. Combination of long-term and short-term strategies: The presenter has developed a methodology that combines long-term and short-term investment strategies, using different tools to select better companies. They mention tools such as Seeking Alpha, FastGraphs and Zacks Rank and explain how they use these tools to screen and analyze stocks. screening and analysis.

Intrinsic value and stock analysis tools: The presenter talks about the concept of intrinsic value, which can be calculated using methods such as discounted cash flow or EPS analysis. They point out the assumptions involved in such calculations and the importance of well-informed estimates.

Seeking Alpha and FastGraphs: The presenter uses Seeking Alpha to screen stocks based on their analysis and then dives deep into companies that seem interesting. They use FastGraphs to understand stock valuations, looking for stocks whose price is below estimated fair value, indicating potential undervaluation.

EPS growth and analyst forecasts: The presenter discusses how they check analysts' forecasts for EPS growth and use this information to evaluate potential stocks. They show how they use the forecast calculator on FastGraphs to analyze stock growth and fair value.

Quant Ratings and Stock Selection: The presenter emphasizes the importance of quantitative ratings in stock selection, stating that high scores on valuation, growth, profitability, momentum and revision are indicative of a stock's potential to outperform the market over the medium term.

Celestica's performance: They share that their investment in Celestica has already shown a 30% return in just a few months, highlighting this as evidence that the stock is outperforming the market average. On the investment methodology and tools he uses to analyze and select stocks.

Analysis of Intrinsic Value and FastGraphs: The presenter discusses how he uses FastGraphs to analyze the intrinsic value of stocks. He explains that if the stock price is below fair value, it may indicate undervaluation. He also shows how he uses the forecast calculator to assess growth prospects and fair values based on analysts' EPS growth forecasts. Use of Seeking Alpha and Zacks Rank: The presenter emphasizes the importance of quantitative ratings, such as those from Seeking Alpha, when selecting stocks. High scores in areas such as valuation, growth, profitability, momentum and EPS revision can indicate potential for market overperformance. He also uses Zacks Rank to assess short-term prospects for stocks.

Long-term vs. short-term investing at DEGIRO

The presenter explains how he combines long-term and short-term strategies in his investment approach. He uses technical analysis and tools such as TradingView to identify buy and sell signals based on moving averages and other technical indicators.

Technical Analysis and TradingView: The presenter talks about using TradingView for technical analysis. He has integrated an algorithm that provides buy and sell signals based on moving averages and other technical indicators such as the MACD and RSI. He discusses how these tools help identify optimal buying and selling moments.

Combining Long and Short Term Strategies: The presenter emphasizes the importance of combining long-term investment strategies with short-term market indicators. He explains how he uses different indicators to combine both fundamental and technical analysis, which is crucial to his successful investment approach.

Examples of Stock Selection: The presenter shares specific examples of stocks he has chosen and why. He discusses his decisions around holding or selling certain stocks and reflects on previous investments such as PayPal and Pinterest, acknowledging that he did not use certain tools in making these previous investments.

 Diversification of DEGIRO Portfolio: The presenter also discusses the diversification of his portfolio, including investments in the shipping sector, and shares his vision of how this sector could perform in 2024.

Conclusion of DEGIRO Investment Portfolio 2024.

Finally, the presenter summarizes his strategies and choices and emphasizes that his focus is on investing in high-quality companies for the long term. He also shares his intention to share more about his investment actions and portfolio development in future videos.

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