How to Develop a Positive Mindset: 6 Tips that work

How to Develop a Positive Mindset: 6 Tips that work

Do you want to develop a positive mindset? Probably you have heard about the importance of mindset. Everyone talks about how positive thinking can impact your life. But how do you do that? How do I get a positive mindset?

The truth is that changing your mindset it’s not the easiest thing in the universe. However, it is possible If you are consistent and don’t wait for results instantly. Getting a positive mindset doesn't happen by itself. Fortunately, it is possible to develop positive thinking. We can create our own future!

Let’s begin

How do I get a positive mindset? 6 Tips that work

how to get a positive mindset

It is not really that you get a positive mindset. It is one to develop. Know that 90% of your thoughts of today will be the same tomorrow. To think positive will help you develop and get a positive mindset. However, it is something that you can create. And that means it may require some effort. This is good. It means that it is within our power to life a more positive life.

Here are 6 tips that really work to get a positive mindset.

Tip 1. Start the day right (and positive)

Most of the time, our mornings set the tone for the rest of the day. For example, If your morning was amazing, you get energized and stay positive during the whole day. But If you have a bad morning, you will likely accumulate that stress during the rest of your day.

That's why mornings matter. The first things we do influence the whole day. When we get up with the negative thought, "I don't feel like working," we experience a bad start. So, it is very important to start the day right.

Most people have a morning routine, even If it's just brushing their teeth, showering, getting dressed, and driving to work. But if you start to live consciously during the morning, you can appreciate the beauty of that time of the day. You can make the most of your morning. Dit geeft een positief begin en dat wakkert positief denken aan.

A good morning starts with sleeping enough hours. Rest is essential to keep a good mood during the day. Also, the first thing you do matters. Don’t waste the first moments of your day scrolling through social media. Turn off your phone and focus on the things that matter the most.

Meditate, at least for a few minutes, to set the tone for the day. Meditation helps you to keep focused and relaxed to think more clearly. You can do some exercise and write down all of your tasks for the day. Also, a healthy, nutritious breakfast elevates everyone’s mood. It will help you to feel better inside out.

See what works for you and stick to that discipline.

Tip 2. Hang out with positive people

develop positive mindset tips

There is a famous saying, "Show me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are."

Consciously or not, we act like the people that surround us. When we are always around someone, we will slowly begin to imitate their behavior, whether we want it or not. Also, we unconsciously hang out with people who are similar to us. If we are negative people, we will attract people like us because we want friends who validate our worldview.

But when you start to develop a positive mindset, you will attract people who think similarly.

So, pay attention to the people that surround you. How do they think? How do they see the world? How are they similar to you?

Positive thinking is contagious. When you hang out with positive people, you will imitate those thinking patterns and see life differently. In fact, this is one of the easier ways to get a positive mindset. Change the environment for the behavior you want to develop. Then again, this may mean hard decisions for certain "friends".

Tip 3. Meditate to develop a positive mindset

developing positive mindset tips

A positive mindset comes from enjoying the present. We spend a lot of time worrying about the future or suffering because of our pasts. Have you ever seriously thought about this? Why worry about a future when we don't know what it will look like. Perhaps that fear will never manifest. Then we will have worried for nothing.

Meditation is like a gym for the mind. When you meditate, you learn to control your thoughts. If you feel like sometimes you overthink instead of enjoying the present, meditation is for you.

Meditation also helps you to think more clearly. This way, you won't see any situation as a problem but instead as an opportunity to learn.

It is okay to start with a few minutes each day If you have never meditated before. First, you need to learn how to relax your body. You can stretch, exercise, do some yoga or tai-chi. Do whatever works for you. Then, relax your mind. Use your breathing to make the inner chatter cease. Focus on the moment.

Inhale deeply, hold your breath, exhale, repeat. Try to keep focused on breathing. If any distracting thought comes to your mind, just let it go. Eventually, you will stop thinking. And this way, your mind can't control you. You become free.

That is why it is so important to meditate. Start with five minutes, but then increase gradually. Five, ten, twenty minutes. You can even meditate for hours. Practice makes perfect.

Tip 4. Identify negative thinking patterns and reverse to positive thinking

If you want a positive mindset, you need to change your negative thinking patterns. We all have negative thinking patterns. We inherited some from our family members and developed others throughout our lives. Whether we want it or not, now they influence how we see the world. These thoughts affect our emotions and actions.

But, how could anyone change their negative thinking patterns without identifying them first?

You need to pay attention to your thoughts and see where they come from. Meditation can help you a lot here. Journaling is also a great option to understand your thinking patterns. You may identify them as recurring thoughts in your head that make you feel sad, worried, angry, or afraid.

It's not about blocking those thoughts. Instead, the point is to identify them and understand why they appear. And when you fully understand their roots, you can transform your negative thinking patterns into a positive mindset.

Thinking positively also helps to develop a growth mindset. Learn more about how to practice growth mindset.

Tip 5. Use positive affirmations to get a positive mindset

Positive affirmations help you reprogram your negative thinking patterns for a more positive mindset.

If you always say "I can't"  then you won't because you believe you can't. But If you start to tell yourself you can, you will achieve anything you want.

That’s how thoughts can create your reality.

For example, If you say: "This job is just not for me, I'm not smart enough" you probably won't apply for it. But what If you were a perfect fit for that job?

This way, you will never have your dream career.

But If you feel confident and develop a positive mindset, you open yourself to many different opportunities.

If you want to harness the power of mindset you can use positive affirmations to develop positive thinking patterns. For example, you can say out loud affirmations like "I'm successful," "I enjoy life," "Everywhere I find reasons to be happy."

You can create your affirmations depending on what you need. For example: "I'm grateful for the job I have," "I enjoy working on this project," "I feel respected by my colleagues”. Positive affirmations are part of the law of attraction.

In any case, positive affirmations can help you to boost your productivity, raise your self-confidence, and live a healthier, happier life.

Read more about how to use the law of attraction


Tip 6. Have a healthy lifestyle

positive mindset exercises

You are what you eat, and If you eat natural, organic, fresh foods, you will feel fresh and energized. But what If you eat processed, fried, unhealthy foods? Enjoying this once in a while is okay, but don't let it affect your life.

Your lifestyle has a direct impact on your mood. If you spend your whole day watching Netflix in a dark room, you probably won't be feeling any good. Maybe for just a while. If it is a very entertaining movie. But not for the whole day. Let alone for the whole week!

This society teaches us to stay up late, eat unhealthy food and be as lazy as possible. But that will cause a lot of health problems and makes us depressed.

So, take care of your body, and you will see the difference in your mental health.

Latest insights on positive mindset development

Your mindset creates your reality. When you change your mindset, you can change every aspect of your life. That is why it is essential to develop a positive mindset. Applying these tips will give you a positive mindset. Different actions can help you develop a more positive mindset. Of course, that does not happen overnight. Nobody has a perfectly positive mindset. Be patient and consistent, and you see results.

Again, we see the power of long-term thinking. As long-term investors, it is important to develop a positive mindset. Not that we live on a pink cloud, and just invest in any company. But we shouldn't be fearful either. We should have the courage to invest. By thinking positive you will also see more opportunities within investing. Be critical and careful, but also dare to be optimistic. Hold on when good companies go through a temporary unpleasant situation. Perhaps they will take opportunities from this.

In short, think long term. Positive thinking helps significantly with this.

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