How to Invest in a Happy Life? 13 Tips With Value

How to Invest in a Happy Life? 13 Tips With Value

Dear Happy Investor, on our website you will find numerous knowledge articles and insights regarding investing money. The goal of a Happy Investor is to have a happier life. This means, among other things, that money can pay out the highest form of dividend, namely: more freedom. It is my personal mission to inform you correctly about the wonderful opportunities that investing offers us. But this is only the means. The higher goal is to be happy. A big and sometimes even vague concept. There is nothing rational about this. Everything is relative. And yet: there are ways to invest in a happy life.

In this article we will not talk about investing in stocks or real estate investing. This time the approach is from Mindfulness. Below you will find 13 valuable tips and insights on how you can invest in a happier life. 

On to sustainable financial success!

13x how you can invest in a happier life


People always talk about happiness, but most don't work to achieve it. Instead, they chase money, a diploma, a house, or a great career. There is nothing wrong with that, but they do it unconsciously. They do it because that's why society teaches us. If you see money or material thing as ends and not as a means to an end, you will suffer. 

Why? Because things by themselves can't get you happiness. It's not money that can give you happiness but how you use it. If we want to live a happy life, it is essential to know how to invest our time, money, and resources in a happy life!

1. Laat geld voor je werken

People who value money less have an advantage from certain aspects. But they underestimate something of great importance: money is important. Up to a certain level, money is necessary. From that point on, there is a level where money is very nice. And only above that level is money irrelevant. 

My vision with the Happy Investors is to make money work for you. By investing as early as possible in a sustainable, consistent way. The result contributes enormously to your Mindfulness. I speak from experience. 

How would you feel every day if you had enough money? 

What would you feel when you feel financially free? If, for example, you acquired some 25.000 dollars of income every year from dividends and returns. Income for which, by the way, you do not have to work. 

Literally, anyone can become financially free in the long run. Such an amount is already achievable from a €500 monthly deposit. There is always a way to realize that amount. All you need next is an investment strategy and emotional discipline. Sustaining the journey. 

This is not a sales trick. This is life. This is the most valuable financial advice you can get: start making money work for you as early as possible. And if you combine this with Mindfulness (gratitude, living in the moment, et cetera), you are guaranteed to be happier. The latter, of course, is the most important thing of all. With a positive Mindset, you can also be happy without money. The only point I want to make is that having enough money simply makes it easier to be happy(er) every day. Nothing more than that.


2. Get plants


As long-term investors, we tend to be very rational with money. For example, I personally even have a slight aversion to flowers. Why buy flowers if they will die after two weeks? From a financial perspective, this is irrational behavior. But we are human beings. We are emotional. And who doesn't get happy with flowers? Investing in happy living doesn't have to be complex. Small expenditures like flowers that brighten the house already contribute to our emotional well-being. 

Plants give life to any space. Plants in a living or working space create harmony and a peaceful atmosphere. Some plants can even help improve our health by purifying the air indoors. Also, taking care of plants helps give you relaxation and less stress. And no, I'm not talking about marijuana plants 😉 . 

Jordan B. Peterson argues in his books and videos that we should make one room as beautiful as possible. Wisdom or gibberish?

 3. Creative hobbies

Creative hobbies allow you to channel your energy into something meaningful. If you feel angry, fearful, anxious, or stressed, creative outlets are great ways to direct that energy to explore your inner world. 

So, creative hobbies are magnificent ways to invest your time and money in a happy life. If you like to write, write. If you like to make music, invest your time in that. If you like to paint, paint. If necessary, paint your neighbor's house. Then at least you'll make his life a little happier too (for a while).

There is no shame If you invest your resources in doing something that will help you feel peace in your mind.

Sports or walking in nature are also great ways to channel your creative energy and take care of your physical and mental health. Isn't the quality of your body and mind more important than money? How will you take care of others if you don't take good care of yourself? Anything goes until reality sets in.

4. Do charity or volunteer

Doing something for someone else gives you a hard-to-describe feeling. It is a mix of inner peace, bliss, and connection to your essence. You do not need to be a part of an institution or organization to help others. You can do it right here, right now. Just help anyone in real need. This will make your life more meaningful. This is a good investment in a happier life. And not only for yourself. Helping others can help you understand many things about life and make someone else smile, so it is worth the investment of time and money.

5. Travel solo


Travel is good, fun and valuable. Seeing other ways of life and cultures is educational. Enjoying nature (or beautiful cities) is calming. However, in relation to investing in happy living, travel plays a different role. Indeed, travel by itself cannot make us permanently happy. It can give us some kind of joy, but not real happiness.

What travel can do for you, however, is help you reflect. When you leave your daily routine to visit nature or a quiet place, it is the perfect opportunity to be with yourself. The modern world keeps us busy all day, and we have little time for ourselves. So, use travel as an opportunity for self-discovery.

What fears or limiting beliefs are holding you back? 

How can you change your thinking or behavior to improve your life? 

Are you the person you want to be?

What do you really want in life? 

By being on a journey you can really distance yourself from everything and everyone for a while. Silence... Delightful.

6. Adopt an animal friend


Having a pet helps against stress, anxiety and depression. It relieves feelings of loneliness and improves cardiovascular health. Animal friends are valuable companions. A dog is always happy to see you. A cat does her own thing, but when she comes to cuddle for a while it makes you feel intensely happy. Okay they cost a few pennies with their health, nutrition and hygiene, but it is well worth it.

7. Healthy food

We live in a crazy world. Healthy organic food is more expensive than junk food. And often less tasty too. Eating healthy is a true test of our self-discipline. Everyone knows the benefits of healthy eating. It is a best investment in happy living, because good nutrition leads to more energy and health. But that burger tastes really good....

I can tell you that I have tremendous self-discipline. Yet I also like to eat unhealthy food. Super tasty. Everyone knows better and yet we do it. Our brains are still in survival mode. We just don't need a spear for it anymore. My tip: make it easy on yourself. Don't buy unhealthy food, then you can't reach it either. Arrange your environment in such a way that it facilitates your goals. Just like avoiding certain people or having educational books in the house.


8. Invest in books

Books are one of the best investments you can make. They won't disappear like the drinks you could have on a Friday night. Once you end up reading a book, it will accompany you forever. Especially when you read it more than once.

Reading books is an excellent way to relax and quiet your mind. And we learn a lot from it. Knowledge books give good ideas on how to improve your life by changing your thinking and behavior. In this sense, books can help you achieve happiness and success. For example, I see good books as good mentoring. The author sometimes has up to thirty years of experience in one specific field he writes about. This contains valuable information. He will undoubtedly know better (factual) than the unsourced opinion of a drunk comrade over Friday afternoon drinks.

Want to know more? Check out the best books for financial freedom.

9. Keep your space clean and organized.

How do you feel in a space that is messy and cluttered? And how do you feel in a clean space?

It's necessary to invest some time of the day to clean your living space or your workplace. You will think more clearly, be more productive and feel harmony because of that. Open your windows and let the sunlight pass through them. Doing your daily tasks will be much more pleasing.

10. Rest 


Resting is a necessary way to invest your time in a happy life. Sometimes we procrastinate resting because society teaches us that we need to be busy all the time to be productive. That, of course, makes us stressed and overwhelmed.

Resting allows you to recharge. Sleep enough hours, and allow yourself to have a time of the day to pause. You can't enjoy the present If you are always in a rush, thinking about your next task. Sometimes rest is the best way to invest in a happy life. 

11. Connect with friends and family

A study conducted by researchers at Harvard University followed the lives of 724 men during 74 years. The purpose was to determine what makes people happier and healthier. The results were surprising. They had nothing to do with money or career success, as some may believe.

Instead, those who were happier and had better health had one thing in common: meaningful relationships with their friends and family.

The message is clear. Don't postpone hanging out with your friends or calling your parents because you are too busy with work. Instead, invest your time in creating good relationships with your loved ones and everyone around you.


12. Analyze yourself to discover what you desire

If you want to be happy, you need to examine your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Ask yourself: "what negative behaviors, limiting beliefs or toxic emotions stop me from becoming my true self?".

Personal development is part of working towards happiness. It means acknowledging your mistakes and striving to become a better person.

13. Meditate

Everyone says they want to meditate, but they never have time. Meditation is by far the most productive activity that you can do. It helps you to clear your mind and be present. It takes you off autopilot. 

Meditating every day will make you more conscious and in control. It is like a gym for the mind. Meditation is about calming the mind, focusing, being right here, right now. It is a simple activity, and it is completely free.

The most successful people in the world meditate every day. So, meditation and mindfulness practices are a must even in that aspect of life. Start with five minutes every day, and eventually, you will want to meditate first thing in the morning.

Conclusion about investing for a happy life

Happiness comes from within. This is true. Investing in happy living largely means investing in a good state of mind. In a positive Mindset that you have the ability to see the positive in life. This may mean investing time and effort in our personal development. There are also activities and experiences that accelerate this change. We talked about those in this article. These 13 tips are valuable for those who want to invest in happy living. It is and good start. Without action, no results.

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