How do I get a higher salary or paid more?

How do I get a higher salary or paid more?

Getting a higher wage is not always easy. So how do you get a higher salary? There is a wonderful phenomenon that presents itself as goal setting. Setting goals has many advantages against not setting goals. Before explaining why, please don’t start to think you are “not good at setting goals,” because that’s nonsense. In this blog you can read everything you need to know about setting and achieving goals. But in this blog I will talk about how to get a higher salary and how goal setting can have a major impact on that. After all, that is the effect of getting a higher wage by setting (higher) goals.

Do you want to know what I
mean by this? Then read on.

More salary by setting goals
at work

I strongly believe in setting goals. The relationship between goals and a higher wage is not that obvious, and thus requires some explanation. In example, it is a fact that you do not always reach your goal by focusing on that goal. Sometimes you have approach your goal indirectly, by having a different focus point. What I mean by this is that if you set the goal of earning more salary, this can sometimes lead to disappointing results. There are multiple ways to earn more money, but when it comes to a higher pay grade at work, an indirect way is more sustainable and thus more effective.

I will explain the above with
a small example. Let us imagine the scenario in which you can change your job
by job hopping. You can do this every two years, and take a nice salary raise
after every switch from one company to another. However, what happens if you will
continuously switch jobs for each 2 or 3 years? From one company to another. How
long will you keep up with this? And at what time do recruiters judge that you
are not a loyal employee, and that they should therefore avoid you. It is
logical to assume that few companies are willing to invest in employees that
are clearly not loyal.

If you want a higher wage,
then my advice is not to set this as a goal. My advice is to set high goals
that are focused on doing your job astoundingly well. And goals that are
focused on your personal development. Just a few examples: As a sales person
you could set the high goal of generating 20% more sales than even the best
sales person at the company. Or set yourself the goal to complete two extra
courses, even if you have to pay those courses by yourself! And set yourself
the goal to be more in charge during meetings, to always be prepared, and to
come up with creative ideas you’ve learned from management books.

High goals lead to higher
results, higher rewards and therefore a higher wage

If you set a higher bar for yourself in terms of work performance, personal development and knowledge, an additional effect is that you will receive a higher wage for work in a sustainable way. And the best of all? You will also get much more satisfaction and pleasure from your work, because whoever dares to grow will be rewarded by the environment.

In addition to setting higher goals, you can also get higher wages by working effectively. This also goes together, because someone who achieves his or her goals is effective. Someone who is not effective does not make progress or does not achieve his or her goals. Want to know more about this? Then read my blog about more success thanks to being effective. And more success also means a higher wage!

What is your experience with
setting higher goals at work? And what effect has this had on you so far? Let
me know in a comment below so that we can spar about your current situation and
how we can benefit from it together.

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