Simple Investing Strategy for Beginners | Happy Investors

Simple Investing Strategy for Beginners | Happy Investors

Are you on the lookout for an easy way to invest your money? Let me cut down your research time dramatically with my own insights. I'll outline simple steps to kickstart your straightforward investment journey. The first step involves building a low-risk investment portfolio. Next, commit to regular monthly contributions. It's crucial to buy for the long term, and the final step, which might be the most challenging, is to maintain this strategy. So, let's dive into how you can craft a lower-risk portfolio in an uncomplicated manner.

Simple investing with a low-risk portfolio

Constructing a low-risk portfolio is certainly achievable. There are various methods to consider. For instance, you could invest in real estate by purchasing an apartment and renting it out. Another option is to join a mutual fund, but be aware they often yield average or below-average returns at high costs. My preferred method is establishing a simple ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) portfolio. This approach simplifies investing to just a couple of ETFs.

Start with an ETF that focuses on large companies. These firms are generally more stable, offering lower volatility and risk. By choosing a global ETF, you spread your investments across thousands of companies. The second ETF should target smaller companies, allowing diversification between both large and small-cap stocks. With global coverage, you won't need to fret over individual economic fluctuations in areas like the USA, Europe, or Asia.

You can begin with just these two ETFs. For additional diversification, you might add a global real estate ETF and a commodity ETF, such as gold. Allocate only 10% each to gold and real estate investments. This strategy results in a straightforward portfolio, even with just two ETFs being sufficient. You can find global ETFs with low expense ratios, available through providers like Vanguard or iShares.

Keep your costs low with simple investing

Choosing ETFs with low expense ratios, ideally below 0.2% or even better, below 0.1%, is key to minimizing costs. This includes keeping brokerage commissions as low as possible. The second step is about consistent monthly investments. This approach, known as dollar-cost averaging, is a simple and effective way for beginners to invest.

Maintaining a low-risk portfolio requires consistency. Only invest what you can afford to lose. This is crucial because you shouldn't withdraw your investments during downturns. The length of time your money stays invested in the market is vital. The longer, the better. This third step is also the most critical in maintaining a consistent ETF portfolio. With a lower-risk portfolio, expect modest returns, around 5% to 7% annually.

If you're content with a 7% yearly return, there's no need to pursue additional risk. Seeking higher returns involves more risk, which could lead to potential losses. However, with discipline, consistency, and a mindful approach, you'll see steady progress. Regularly invest, perhaps on the first Monday of each month, into your chosen ETFs, and you're on your way to a successful investment journey.

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