7x Best Crypto Coins for Long-Term Investing

7x Best Crypto Coins for Long-Term Investing

Dear novice crypto investor, in this article you will find an overview of the 7 potentially best crypto coins for long-term investing. The emphasis is on potential. Whether cryptocurrencies are a good long-term investment is still uncertain. It has a number of drawbacks, making it unclear how valuable a cryptocurrency actually is in the long run. On the other hand, the technology is revolutionary. Every day new projects are built on the blockchain technology of the cryptocurrencies below. 

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7x Best Cryptocurrencies for Long Term Investors


After considering individual scoring metrics and overall cryptocurrency ranking, demand, supply, and consensus credibility, we have picked the following 7 best crypto coins for long-term investors:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Cardano (ADA) 
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Solana (SOL)

There are a number of crucial issues surrounding these potentially best crypto currencies for long-term investing. 

First, as indicated, it is unclear whether the value will increase in the long run. This is the assumption of increasing demand. Crypto-currencies with a limited spend offer more potential, because supply is fixed. Similarly, crypto currencies with large blockchain networks, on which cryptoprojects build its applications, have more potential due to increasing demand. 

Another aspect of the best crypto currencies for long-term investing is the passive vs. active. We believe that short-term trading is the best way. This is done on the basis of swing trading. Crypto is very volatile. It makes more sense to apply "buy low, sell high" on a more active basis. Ideally, you should keep a nice profit so that you can speculate purely with the profit. 

The third aspect is risk. The above best cryptocurrency for long-term investing are popular. They have a strong use case. And they are often the best within its niche. On the other hand, they also have very high risk. It is not comparable to ETF investing or investing in the best stocks. The golden rule is more important than ever when investing in crypto: invest only with small amounts that you can miss 100%.

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1. Bitcoin (BTC) 

In terms of market cap, Bitcoin has been the biggest cryptocurrency since 2009 and remains the leader today. It has over $22,445,566,091 in trade volume, more than any other cryptocurrency, and thousands of merchants accept it as a form of payment. It is the best choice for long-term investors based on various logical reasons. 

One of the main reasons for Bitcoin being the best crypto currency for long-term investing is its limited supply. A maximum of 21 million Bitcoins can be produced in the world. That means that as time goes on and more people start using Bitcoin, demand will increase while supply will remain constant. This makes it an excellent option for long-term investors who want to have their assets upgraded over time. This is also why Bitcoin is considered the digital gold.

Bitcoin has high liquidity. One of the factors in determining whether a crypto currency is suitable as the best long-term investment is its liquidity. Liquidity refers to how easily you can buy and sell an asset. This makes getting in and out quickly easier. This prevents your money from being "stuck" in the long run. 

One of the other reasons is that Bitcoin has many believers. Many people own Bitcoin and believe in it strongly. This strong belief leads them to buy in regularly. The more followers, the stronger the increasing long-term demand.

A major drawback to Bitcoin is it has a huge market value. Return can be achieved, but exponential returns are mainly realized with the best small crypto. Of course, the risk in doing so is also unprecedentedly higher.


2. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency with a strong development team. It is one of the best crypto coins for long-term investing. With a current market cap of $338,111,301,653 and a daily transaction volume of about $13,717,000,506, Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and one of the fastest-growing in terms of popularity and value. There are around 31 million ETH wallets, making it the most popular digital currency after Bitcoin.

In addition, Ethereum's scalability makes it an attractive choice for long-term investors who want their investments protected by strong cryptography and security features built right into the network itself. The platform has become the industry leader when it comes to smart contracts and dApps, with over 1 million users and more than 40,000 active developers working on over 3,000 dApps in their ecosystem. 

However, this isn't all you need to know about Ethereum if you want to make an informed decision. With so many ICOs and projects launching on Ethereum, it is also important to understand how these projects are expected to perform in the long term. By looking at project roadmaps and comparing those with market demand, it is possible to get a better idea of how valuable they will be in the long term.

Ethereum is currently working to transition to Proof-of-Stake. If successful, energy consumption decreases dramatically. This is necessary. Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently anything but sustainable investments. The transition to PoS would make Ethereum the best cryptocurrency for long-term investing, in our view.

3. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee who wanted to create a lighter version of Bitcoin that would allow for faster transactions. This cryptocurrency was created in 2011 and has a current market cap of over $7,032,253,034. While Litecoin may not be as popular as other currencies on this list, it certainly has the potential to be in the future.

For starters, it's good to know that Litecoin is a lot more than just "Bitcoin light." Bitcoin has an expected limit of 21 million coins—which will probably be reached in 2140—while Litecoin has a limit of 84 million, which means there's plenty of room for continued growth. And unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin also has one-minute block mining times and halving every 840,000 blocks mined. That means that Litecoin's supply rate continues to slow down as its value goes up, so LTC doesn't become so inflated that it loses its value.

Another reason that LTC is such a good option for long-term investors is that it's so widely accepted as a form of payment. If you're investing in crypto because you see the potential for it to become a common way to pay for products and services, then it makes sense to invest in a currency that already has widespread usage today.


4. Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is one of the best crypto coins for long-term investors because of its strong network and potential for adoption by financial institutions. XRP is fungible with other currencies or commodities. This means it can be traded for—or converted into—other currencies and services. The Ripple team believes that its partnerships with major financial institutions will make it a practical solution for banks around the world, which will help drive up demand for XRP. 

Another reason to invest in Ripple for the long term is that it has an efficient consensus mechanism than bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH). In order to achieve consensus on the Ripple network, all transactions must be validated by a minimum of 80% of validators, each of which maintains its own list of other trusted nodes. By comparison, bitcoin and ether require 100% consensus from all nodes in their networks. That makes Ripple the most viable option in the long term run.

However, Ripple has been in litigation for years. This lawsuit is of great importance to Ripple and the overall crypto market. If Ripple wins the lawsuit, it will be able to become the best cryptocurrency for long-term investing.

5. Solana (SOL)

Solana is a crypto that has a lot of good things going for it. For one, it's the only crypto to have been built on its own blockchain. It means that instead of being based on the code of another crypto, it's unique—and that's important if you want to be competitive in the space of the best crypto coins.

The second factor (that comes with being on their own blockchain) is speed: Solana can process more than 50,000 transactions per second. To put that in context, Ethereum can only handle 15 per second and Bitcoin 7. These aren't just theoretical numbers; they're actually being used by some pretty high-profile projects like Serum, Project PAI, Raydium, and more.

Once you start thinking about potential uses for this kind of speed and scalability, it's easy to see why Solana might belong to the best crypto coins for long term investing. We also think that Solana belongs to the best new crypto with potential. 


6. Cardano (ADA) 

Cardano (ADA) is a crypto coin that has been overlooked by many investors, but it's one of the best crypto coins for long-term investment. The reason is that it offers solid fundamentals that will ensure its longevity and growth. It is the first blockchain platform to be built in the Haskell programming language. And based on a proof-of-stake system called Ouroboros, which has been designed by former Ethereum CEO Charles Hoskinson and developed by leading researchers and academics from around the world.   

Investors need to keep an eye on Cardano for several reasons in the long-term run. It's a popular cryptocurrency with a high market cap of $26,677,504,361. As more people adopt the currency and use it in their daily lives, its value is going to increase. That will make the coin more valuable over time.

In addition, Cardano also offers security that other cryptos may not have. One of the reasons why Bitcoin is so volatile is because there's no regulation behind it—which means that anyone can start mining or using Bitcoin with no oversight whatsoever. The same isn't true for Cardano. Since it was created by a team of experts who know what they're doing (and they've put in place safeguards to prevent hacking), you can feel confident that your money will always be safe when you invest in this crypto asset over time.

The future of Cardano (ADA) looks well-positioned for a long-term investment with multiple positive factors, including increased adoption, upcoming hard fork updates, new wallets, and several partnerships. 

7. Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is a crypto project that focuses on the metaverse and virtual real estate. In fact, it is a kind of metaverse crypto game in which you can buy and sell land. Meanwhile, the value of these land plots is rapidly increasing. Some land plots are selling for thousands of dollars. The record is almost one million. Unprecedented amounts. 

Decentraland is a way of investing in metaverse. It is and remains speculation, though. It is entirely focused on supply and demand. There is no way to determine if Decentraland is among the best crypto currencies in the long run. However, right now they do have momentum. The more members and investors join the game, the higher the demand. And the supply is limited, as more land pieces are not being added. At least, not for now. If demand does increase, land pieces may eventually become more expensive. It is and remains a very high risk.

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