Spiritual Money: Dealing with Money and Spirituality, Tips

Spiritual Money: Dealing with Money and Spirituality, Tips

Is it possible to balance spirituality and money, the physical and the metaphysical? Many people believe that being spiritual means abandoning all your possessions and being a hermit. However, that is far from the truth. Many famous millionaires are very spiritual and have a lot of money. Some of them (like Oprah Winfrey and Jim Carrey) attribute their success to their spiritual and personal development.

So, yes! It is possible to reconcile money and spirituality.

Here you will read about the relationship between spirituality and money and how they can enforce each other. Let’s name this spiritual money.

Spiritual money is energy

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

What does spiritual money mean? Everything we experience through our senses is not more than different waves, such as electromagnetic waves (light) or mechanical waves (sound). Our brain receives and decodes that information through electric impulses/waves. Simply put, everything in the universe is energy. Everywhere in the cosmos, things are vibrating. Each object in the universe has a specific frequency.

Even your thoughts and feelings have energy. Happiness, peace, and joy vibrate at a higher frequency. Worry, sadness, fear, or rage vibrate at a low frequency. From a spiritual perspective, money is also energy. In this sense, money is the physical manifestation of abundance energy.

So, how do you get more of that energy? How to get more spiritual money?

Similar energy attracts similar energy, according to the law of attraction. In this sense, spiritual teachings tell us that we need to align ourselves with the frequency of abundance to attract abundance. However, most people vibrate at the frequency of scarcity. These people are always thinking about debts and financial lack.

Esther Hicks said: "What you focus on grows" and money also works that way. When you are always thinking about what you lack, you won't identify new opportunities to make money. Instead, you will get used to not having money. When you focus on what you have and feel grateful, you will always find more ways to make money. You are aligning yourself with abundance instead of scarcity.

Even if you don't believe in these spiritual teachings, there is still logic to be found. The logic is this: think about money a lot and believe that there is enough, even for you. The more often you think about this, the more opportunities you are going to see to make money. Seize those opportunities. Put on that spiritual money! 😉

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world


The law of attraction also states that you attract what you are. For example, no matter how good a day is. When you vibrate low, you will focus only on the negative and unconsciously put yourself in unfavorable circumstances.

But when bad things happen, and you are vibrating high, you will focus on solutions and see hardships as opportunities to grow. That way, you will overcome negative events easily and then find yourself immerse in positive circumstances. This is also referred as Growth Mindset.

In other words: you reap what you sow, and the same applies to money.

For example, If you have a negative relationship with money you will have thoughts like "money is the root of all evil," or beliefs like "making money is hard." Every time you go to work, you will complain, and you will always find yourself overspending money.

On the other hand, a positive relationship with money starts with what you have inside. You can see opportunities where others see problems. It's all about positive mindset.

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Spiritual handling of money: it's important to ask yourself why


Spiritual money means that frequently consider why and how much money you need. Many people work hard all the time to make money. That happens because this society teaches us that being successful means having a lot of money. We chase money during our whole lives, and when we die, we realize we are still unhappy.

That happens because we don’t know why we are working to make money. We do it because everyone else does it. That’s living mechanically. Are we here only to pay bills? To be born, grow, make money and die? Life is much more than that, and spirituality recognizes that.

Of course, money is necessary. We can’t ignore the fact that we need food and shelter. There is nothing wrong with making money. The problem is that we do it unconsciously. We don't know what we want to do with all that money. We only chase it because society taught us that's the right thing to do.

People accumulate money thinking that it will solve their problems, and many times it only creates more problems. Making money to impress others or give you a false sense of security is not a conscious way to use it. That is not what spiritual money is about.

If you are always anxious about getting more and more money, the problem is not external. It exists within you. Spirituality teaches us to live life consciously. That includes having conscious relationships, eating consciously, and of course, using your money consciously.

Do you have a lot of money? That’s okay. Do you have little money? That’s okay too. The important thing is that you have what you need to live, and the rest of it, use it wisely.

For example, from Happy Investors, we see many great benefits to achieving financial freedom. Why? Because money gives the best return, namely: freedom. Make money work for you and buy freedom with it. Do what you really want. Develop your passion and work on meaningful relationships.

Spirituality helps you to recognize limiting beliefs about money


Spiritual money means that you will think differently about it. We have many limiting beliefs that influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions. For instance, when you believe that you are not good enough, that belief will affect everything in your life. It will become your reality.

Often, people acquire those beliefs from their families, communities, and schools. And many of those beliefs have to do with money. For example, parents may say "money is the root of all evil," "rich people are bad," or "making money is hard" to their children. Those beliefs go to their subconscious mind.

Those beliefs limit individuals in all ways possible. Spirituality is a journey of self-discovery and it allows you to recognize what is limiting you and let go of what is no longer serving you.

If you believe you are already perfect or that you are okay the way you are, improvement is not possible. Spirituality means being honest with yourself and changing what you need to change to become a better person and live a happier life. This is how spiritual money works.

Spiritual money: you don't have to balance the spiritual and money. They are the same.

There is something like spiritual money. Sometimes people think that making money and having a spiritual life are two different things. However, that is not necessarily true. We show that there is such a thing as spiritual money. In other words, spiritual handling of money. For example, there are also ways of spiritual investing, where spiritual thinking can lead to better results with investing.

Spirituality allows you to create a positive change in your life, a transformation from the inside out. When you let go of your ego and your limiting beliefs, that has a powerful effect on your behavior and mindset.

In this sense, you will become more conscious and mindful in every aspect of life. That change will also influence your spending patterns and your relationship with money.

When you change, everything around you starts to change. So, it would not be a surprise If you would begin to make more money. And that's not the only thing. You will also feel more grateful for what you have. You will feel abundant in every way possible.

Spirituality shows you how to improve your relationship with yourself. When you are in connection with your Higher, spiritual self, you will have a better relationship with your physical body, friends, family, money, and society in general.

If you are not sure where to start, you can give yourself a time of the day to meditate and enjoy the present. Connect with your essence, learn to quiet your mind, and focus on what’s happening right here, right now.

Be patient. The spiritual journey is a process, but take the first step and you will start to see a difference!

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