How to Start an Own Company With No Money? 10 Ideas

How to Start an Own Company With No Money? 10 Ideas

Dear Happy Investor, do you want to start your own business without money? In this article you will find ideas. Some better than others, but all are doable without (much) money. Start small and in time you can generate extra income. Or maybe even full time. You decide because everything is possible as long as you really want it. Go for it. 

On to sustainable (financial) success!

10 Ideas to start an own company with no money

 ideas start own business with no money

Starting an own business without money is possible. It is not easy, but it is possible. So this is also possible for you. Just remember that no one makes a lot of money without working hard. Everyone starts at the bottom of the mountain. It's up to you at what pace you reach the top, but everyone has to walk up. Don't read these ideas for starting your own business without money with the mindset that you will become rich for a while. There is no such thing. But what you can do is run a profitable business over time. And that's more than worth it!

These are 10 ideas for inspiration. 

1: Freelancer 

It is simply not a piece of cake to start your own company with empty pockets. However, this can be achieved if you work persistently on a goal, provided that other things remain the same. Skill is something that can make you build your own company. There are thousands of examples out there where people started from scratch as a freelancer with odd skills like logo designer or resume writer. As they get bulk orders, they outsource the job, keep a small commission, and operate as a broker. At last, they used to enjoy their own small software company that provides services worldwide.

We recommend acquiring a skill that has some international value and can be easily sold. Today there are tens of complex skills that one can learn minimum on 6-Months tenor to be available online. These skills include software developer, data scientist, blockchain developer, android and iOS developer, etc. You can check out the list of most demanding skills on the internet anytime and begin learning today to live your dream.

It is important to choose a domain that is still in its infancy. This is the easiest way to grow quickly, as we have seen with SEO, SEA and Facebook Advertising, for example. These are not difficult things to learn. It's just a matter of doing it and then approaching (local) retailers with your solution.


2: Affiliate Marketing 

In the e-commerce industry, there are billions of products to sell. Being the hundreds of competitive products, it is not easy for a brand to occupy a big market share without deploying a different marketing strategy. Hence they offer affiliate programs and offer an attractive commission to the sellers. 

Affiliate marketing is a way to start your own business without money. It is far from getting rich quick It can be an independent business that you can run even if you have just research skills. Again it won’t make you a millionaire in a day or two. You will grow up steadily as you lack investment. To see the potential in an affiliate marketing industry, check out the list of the top best-sold affiliate marketing websites:

  1. Bestreviews. com ($110M)
  2. Comparecards. com ($130M)
  3. Depositaccounts. com ($33M)
  4. Magnifymoney. com ($39M)
  5. Valuepanguine. com ($105M)

3: Event Planning Company

start own business without money ideas

Event planning is one of the businesses to start without money. In event planning, you arrange the event of a wedding, corporate tour, business meetings, singing consult, or celebrity tour. Nobody will pay you for small events as there is no need for an expert to plan it all. However, when you have to deal with masses like FIFA World Cup in Qatar is a mass event, you need planning expertise. Event planning is a game of competitive cost providing. If you big low you will get maximum events to arrange and vice versa. After investing some time and experience in the field, you can work on a larger scale and make your own event planning company.


4: Real Estate Agency

Yes, you can run a real estate agent even if you have no money. In the modern-day internet world, you can provide investing advice online to corporates and individuals. Investors face many hitches while thinking of investing in a certain real estate. Today, the real estate market has become very calculative, and there are tools to justify investing in a certain locality. If you have the skill to access the best locality, you can give sound investment advice. You need to win 4 or 5 deals successfully, and success will be waiting for you in the real estate field. 

It is also great to learn real estate investing to earn more money. For example, we have written a basic guide to learn real estate investing for free.

5: SEO Consulting Company

Many websites on Google search engines are striving hard to be on the top of the search results, but not everyone makes it happen since it requires a profound skill set that is scarce in the market. 

Start steady, make your blog, rank it on certain keywords, be an example and then make yourself available to sell. Companies have enough tasks to change your life if you bring productive results. In days you will be able to run your own SEO Company.

6: Company that Sells Courses

Websites like Skillshare and Udemy list your course and sell it on autopilot. You won’t need any investment for that, just a skill set and an ordinary mobile camera will be enough for you. 

As you begin earning a stable income, you can buy courses of different skill sets from experts and sell them online with your one trademark.


7: Trading Signals Company

Although we at Happy Investors look exclusively at long-term investing, there are a lot of investment institutions that need good traders. A stock trader knows exactly how to exploit trading signals. Companies pay big money for this. Moreover, trading skills can also be used for private or to sell as online training. Besides shares, forex and crypto are also interesting fields for trading. 

Read more about crypto trading tips for beginners here. 

8: Senior Caring Company

Looking for a growing and sustainable field of work to start your own business with no money? Caring for seniors is not difficult, and you only need to have a short training and a license (medical assistance). Many elderly people need help with their daily household chores. Think of cleaning, laundry, doing the laundry, up to walking the dog. You can very cheaply and quickly start a door-to-door service to take care of the elderly. This may not be the idea for starting your own business that you are waiting for, but it can be quite lucrative. Elderly people usually have plenty of money. And if you sincerely offer maximum care, it would be fair to charge a nice hourly rate. 

9: Smartphone Repairing

Experts suggest purchasing some phones for experience before entering into the mobile phone repairing business professionally. These phones cost you very little. Buy one phone at a time learn the technique of repairing each phone.

The next stage before entering into the genuine phone repairing business, attempt to repair the phones of your friends and relatives. This will give you the much confidence required to become an expert.

You may also learn online from the convenience of your home and fine-tune your abilities. There are many basic and intermediate-level courses accessible online for studying.

10: Product Review Company

There are countless successful YouTube channels that earn commissions just by physically reviewing products. The online industry is not 100% reliable. There are quality differences between providers. When buying products with a high price, customers have more concerns, and thus more need for detailed knowledge of that product. A reliable reviewer can make it easy for both the seller and a buyer. In doing so, do be transparent and honest. Make honest comparisons to really help people. 

The Internet offers wonderful and accessible ways to start your own business without money. Keep your eyes open. Look closely at what the next trends will be. But don't wait too long. Start before you are ready. Progress comes from daily action. 

Do you have any other ideas for starting your own business without a lot of money? Let us know in the comments below.

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