TOP 12 Best Investing Books of All Time to Improve Wealth

TOP 12 Best Investing Books of All Time to Improve Wealth

Dear Happy Investor, do you want to learn more about investing? In these best investing books you will find a lot of knowledge from real experts. This is basic material for any beginning investor in stocks, ETFs, real estate, crypto, et cetera. Below you will find a list of the best investment books. Most contain multiple topics, as well as broader areas such as money matters and smart investing for greater wealth. 

On to sustainable financial success!

The Best Investment Books to Study


Below is a list of 10 of the best books on investing and investing. Each book contains invaluable information. Years of knowledge and experience from the best investors in the world. People who know what they are talking about. Studying the lessons carefully will definitely make you a better investor. 

First a little tip before we start: read carefully. It is better to study a few books very well, than to read through dozens of them in a cursory manner. Yes, in some cases speed reading is useful. But reading comprehension requires patience and discipline. Read a book carefully and regularly reflect on how these principles work in practice. Do more research on it, such as through the Internet. Go for quality. This is true with everything in life. 

Finally, you can easily order these books online. Or even better, buy from your local bookstore to support them 😉 . 

These are the best investment books to study!

Best Investing Books of All Time: The Intelligent Investor

The book was written by Benjamin Graham in 1949. He is one of the best investment book writers and has given many masterpieces like Security Analysis and The Interpretation of Financial Statements. In this book, he stands by on his opinion to focus on getting suitable returns on the investment without taking an unreasonable risk. He argues that the investor must avoid making maximum gains in minimum time as it is highly risky and unstable.

Warren Buffet, an all-time stock market great, has mentioned that this book had a significant impact on his investing life. He said that the book focuses on calculated risk and safety first. For example, Margin of Safety is one of the key terms in this book.

Today, this investment book is still relevant with some important concepts for Value investors. It's just a different time, so its application has become less relevant. For example, high-growth technology stocks did not exist at the time, to name just one example. And more importantly, today there are computer models to measure the relative valuation of stocks. We also make use of these computer models in our research. More information about our research can be found this Capitalist Exploits review.


Best Investing Books of All Time: Security Analysis

This book was first written in 1934 by Ben Graham. This book has been named the best book on investing ever written by Buffet the Great. This is one of those books Warren Buffett likes the most. 

Economic depressions and financial breakdowns are events that come in every professional trader's life. Ben, in this book, used the previous market crashes and the Great Depression to illustrate how these events taught him to handle the stocks of companies with strong fundamentals. In another world, he said that what must be the fundamentals to look for if you foresee a financial breakdown on a certain stock.

Approximately 200 extra pages of commentary on why the ideas and procedures developed by Dodd and Graham are still relevant in the twenty-first century have been added to the most recent version.

Best Investing Books of All Time: A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Burton G. Malkiel wrote "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" in 1973. For a good reason, this has been at the top of the reading list to various top investors. Malkiel is the chairman of Chemical Bank and teaches at Princeton University as a professor of economics, which makes more credibility to his writings. 

According to academic research studies, Malkiel analyses various popular investment approaches, such as technical analysis and fundamental analysis, in the context of their use in the real world. He concludes that, for most investors, adopting these tactics would result in worse outcomes when compared to passive strategies after doing a thorough review of both methodologies.


Best Investing Books of All Time: The Essays Of Warren Buffett

This book is a compilation of letters to shareholders made by Warren Buffett's most successful investors over many decades. In addition to being enlightening, these letters give an intimate peek into Buffett's investing theory and style and a glimpse into his opinions on management, economic moats, and other topics. Buffett's biography is one of those books that everyone interested in understanding Buffett's achievement should read at least once.

Throughout these letters, all of the fundamental ideas of value investing, such as the study of cash flow statements, balance sheets, and income statements, are explained in straightforward terms. They also guide how to avoid a number of common errors that investors make and a list of the most important characteristics that should be found in a successful firm.


Best Investing Books of All Time: The Psychology of Money

This book was originally published on September 8, 2008, by Morgan Housel. The author provides 19 short tales in The Psychology of Money that explore the unique ways individuals think about money.

Financial management, including investment personal finance, is often taught as a math-based profession, in which facts and formulae instruct us on precisely what to do in each situation. On the other hand, real-world financial choices are not made on a paper spreadsheet. 

Best Investing Books of All Time: Beating the Street

This book was written by Peter Lynch in 1994. At Fidelity Investments, Peter Lynch was the top fund manager. He outperformed every other mutual fund manager before or since him in terms of performance.

This book explains how he discovered winning stocks by researching and relying on his instincts in various businesses and industries. Lynch explains how to devise a strong mutual funds strategy, his step-by-step stock-picking strategies, and how an individual investor may outperform stock experts for the first time. There's no reason, according to Lynch, why a novice investor can't compete with experts. And here is the guide that will show you how to do it.


Best Investing Books of All Time: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the most famous and best investing books of all time. Written by Robert Kiyosaki, it helps us understand how to improve our wealth with real estate investing. However, the book is not only about real estate investing. In essence it is about learning to invest your money instead of spending it. Robert shares timeless advice from his own experience of having both a rich and poor dad.

Best Investing Books of All Time: The Simple Path to Wealth

The Simple Path to Wealth is written by JL Collins and surely one of the best investing books for beginners. I could summarize this book by referring to making mistakes. To be successful in investing, you merely shouldn’t make any mistakes. Avoid mistakes, and you will win. However, people think they can beat the market by either timing it or selecting individual stocks. By doing so, they make mistakes, lose money and perform worse than the index fund. This book points out how to invest as simple as possible, in order to avoid mistakes and make a solid yearly return. 

Best Investing Books of All Time: The Financial Diet

An indie personal finance bestseller was written by author Chelsea Fagan.

The Financial Diet is a personal finance book for non-financiers. The Financial Diet helps you create a budget, understand investments, and manage your credit. It's about your wardrobe, your financial relationships, and even the food you eat. 

Chelsea Fagan has enlisted a team of specialists to help you make the greatest financial decisions, but she understands that effective money management goes beyond savings. In short, it addresses all modern-day financial issues that pertain to investing. 

Best Investing Books of All Time: One Up On Wall Street

This book was written by Peter Lynch in 1989. Peter Lynch and John Rothchild show how anybody can beat the stock market by looking at it differently in their investing book. They say that when it comes to investing in stocks, ordinary investors have a lot of advantages over experts and institutions. As a result, they may profit from their past expertise.

They explain how to separate out the long shots from the no-shots by just looking at a company's financial records in simple words. The most appealing aspect of this book is its pragmatic approach. It includes many real-life examples, making it simpler to learn and absorb for both novice and expert investors.

Best Investing Books of All Time: The Art Of Short Selling

This book was published in 1997 by Kathryn F. Staley. In this book, Kathryn F. Staley teaches you the discipline of anxiety. It teaches students when to be wary of investing. It is packed with cutting-edge relevant examples, up-to-the-minute principles, and topical legislation – in short, everything you need to understand the art of short selling.

Short selling is a contentious investing strategy that most investors and financial experts do not like. However, this book gives a good understanding of short selling. It explains why it might benefit investors to look at the larger picture instead of quarterly results.

Best Investing Books of All Time: Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator

This book was written by Edwin Lefevre in 1923. Edwin Lefevre writes this investing book first to make it appear like you are listening to a narrative that one of the stock traders once told. Sharp wit, persuasive philosophy, brilliant analogies, and practical instruction are key characteristics. The book allows you to step into a Wall Street insider and learn from them. It will teach you how enormous patience, self-control, and passion for the market could be a wise strategy.

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