How to Make Money Online with a Website? 4 Proven Ideas!

How to Make Money Online with a Website? 4 Proven Ideas!

Making money online with a website is becoming increasingly popular. And although there is a huge increase in websites, there are still many opportunities to start making money with a website. For example, there are different types of websites possible with which you can make money online in different ways. And if you understand the different ways, you can put together the building blocks yourself and get creative with making money online through a website. The great thing about making money with a website is that you can turn it into a passive income idea.

So: how can you make money online with a website? Continue reading and find out!


Different types of websites to make money online

  1. Blog platform
  2. News page
  3. Supply and demand platform
  4. Website for your own existing business

Different earning models for making money online with websites
Make money online with supply and demand website platform
Why it’s hard to build an online platform, but how you can make a lot of money with it online
Make money online with a website for your company
My best advice for making money online with a website

Different types of websites to make money online

There are different types of websites that can be used to make money online. First, I will explain some of these types. Because when you understand what the options are, it allows you to make the right choices for the type of website you are going to start. Therefore, think carefully about what type of website is best suited to how you can market your product or service. Below we will talk about the different ways to make money online with websites. But first, the different types which are:

  1. Blog platform
  2. News page
  3. Supply and demand platform
  4. Website for your own business

Below you will read some crucial elements that apply to any type of website.

1. Blog platform

Starting a blog is a simple and cheap way to make money online with a website. Anyone can do it, and it literally costs you twenty euros a year (depending on your provider). However, to make a lot of money with a blog website requires a certain amount of knowledge and skill. And above all, a lot of discipline and focus. The most important thing to do in order to make money online via a blog website is to become an expert on a specific subject. How to make money online with blogging can be read in this article about earn with blogging.

2. News page

With a news page, there are many ways to make money online. How to do that we read below. Now you may think “a news page, like the Telegraph? That will never work!”. But that thought is incorrect. Because it is absolutely possible to set up your own news page. The advice is to choose a very specific topic for your news page, where you have a lot of knowledge and are passionate about. This way you become the source of information in terms of news around that particular topic.

An example is the news pages for cryptocurrencies. When bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies became hype, news pages popped up. A few of these news pages have grown considerably in size and are turning over millions of dollars in sales. And for such a news page you really don’t need to be a newspaper, right?

The most important thing to do to make money online via a news page as a website is to be the source of information about a certain subject. Is someone looking for the latest news on topic X? Then he or she should think of your website!

3. Supply and demand platform

Making money online with a website is perfectly possible through a supply and demand platform. This is a platform on which you connect buyers and sellers. So basically you are someone who brings people together. Unlike a blog or a news page, starting a supply and demand platform will usually require large start-up capital.

However, the big advantage is that once it runs, you can make a lot of money without effort. The key here is to be truly unique in your offering. Think about a specific niche.

The most important element in supply and demand platforms is volume. You, especially in the beginning, will be able to collect low margins per sale. So to make a lot of money with an online supply and demand platform, a large volume of sales is required. Therefore it is crucial that you have many providers and many demanders. And hence the starting capital is significant. In the beginning, you will need a lot of advertising to attract visitors. We will discuss this in more detail below.

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4. Website for your own business

This type of website doesn’t need much explanation. You can also make money online with a website that has only one goal: to attract visitors (to your website) that you can convert into customers for your business. An example is a landscaper with a one-man business who starts his own website to attract potential customers.

Below you will learn how you can use a website to make money online for or in addition to your own, existing business.

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Different earning models for making money online with websites

Besides the fact that you can make money with different types of websites, there are also different ways to make money with one type of website. The latter is what you call an earning model. In an earnings model, you determine how you are going to make money. Below I mention a few points per type of website, so you get a good idea of how it works. And if you know how it works, you can get started yourself.

Make money online with blogging

With a blog website, you can apply different earning models. For example, you can make money online with influencer marketing, with Google AdSense, with content creation for B2B, with email lists, and with affiliate marketing. To make money with your blog website, it is very important that you start building a newsletter early. Getting followers is not easy, but it does create weekly returning readers through a valuable newsletter.

Make money online with a news page

Also with a news page, you can make money online in different ways. Once you have enough monthly visitors, you can choose between membership variants. You have a few options:

Only paying members can read your news articles. And for example, the first three articles are free to read. Example: the FD and NRC.

Paying members can read exclusive news articles, and the normal news articles anyone can read for free. Example: the Wall Street Journal.

All the news is free to read, no one has to pay for it. For example, the New York Times.

Once you have enough visitors you can earn money with this. Think of display ads or affiliate links for which you receive a commission. Sponsored content, which is a promotional article for which you receive money, is also a good way to make money. If you have a monthly reach of about 5000 visitors, and your website has enough SEO value and authority, then you can easily charge around 100 – 250 euros per sponsored post.


Make money online with supply and demand website platform

One of the hardest ways to make money online is to be an intermediary that connects supply and demand. One of the hardest yes, but also the best way to make a lot of money online. Because by creating a platform where you connect supply and demand, you make money by doing nothing yourself. You let other people work for you, and in this way, you literally become rich sleeping. But why is it difficult? And how do you make so much money from it? These questions will be addressed in a moment, but first some examples of successful supply and demand platforms follow.

Examples of supply and demand platforms

There are many well-known examples of successful supply and demand platforms. These actually fall under three types of platforms, namely:

  1. Online community
  2. Online auction
  3. and an online marketplace

The essence of such a platform is that you let buyers and sellers come together on the website. Like you have a local market, an online platform is a national market. Take for example the company eBay. This platform is doing extremely well because the providers themselves are promoting their offerings on eBay. Don’t you recognize this in yourself? That when you post your car on eBay, you share this link on Social Media? That’s the power of a social platform. But it is very difficult to build such a platform. Why this is so, and how you can do it, that’s what I’m going to explain to you.

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Why it’s hard to build an online platform, but how you can make a lot of money with it online

It is extremely difficult to build a successful online platform where you connect supply and demand. The main reason it is so difficult is that there are already many platforms for almost every niche imaginable. A platform can only become successful if there is a (growing) market for it.

A second reason it is difficult is that success depends on volume. An online platform is only interesting if there are also good and relevant offers on it. Without providers, you can’t have buyers. And the other way around is at least equally true. That’s the difficulty: you need to attract both good offers and the right buyers. And then also in large volumes. Because the more offers, the more potential buyers.

But don’t let this scare you off, because most of the money can be made online with a good online platform. So pay close attention to market developments. Is there a new market emerging that you can capitalize on? For example, African farmers seeking funding in crypto money, and for which lenders receive interest. Or perhaps a platform where people can prepare meals for each other (not a new idea, by the way). But also think of B2B opportunities. A good, existing example is a platform where freelancers and companies can find each other for interim assignments.

Finally, why and how do you make so much money with an online platform? That’s simple too: everything revolves around the volume. As an example, we take eBay again. eBay earns money through a small commission on each sale. The platform also earns money through advertising revenue. For example, by companies or individuals who want to show their products on the homepage. So they pay for a special spot. And the best part of all? Once successful, providers themselves will promote your platform, for example by placing links on their website or Social Media to their offerings on your platform.

Make money online with a website for your company

A final way to make money online is to start a website for your own business. The essence here is that the website becomes a promotional channel. A promotional channel where you attract visitors that you can convert into customers. The latter is called a conversion.

To make money online through a website for your business, it is important that you have a positive Return on Investment (ROI) and as high a conversion rate as possible. The ROI is about making sure that for every website visitor you attract through lead generation (this can be done through SEA for example), you get a positive amount out of it. And with conversion percentage I mean the percentage of all website visitors that you convert to customers. The latter I will explain below, but first a brief word about SEO.

A free method to make money with a website is through SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, this means that by writing relevant and quality content, you can attract free visitors through Google by people searching for information on that topic. So if you are a provider of granny bikes, write a good article about popular granny bikes.

An example of how to make money online with lead generation through SEA

An example helps us to understand this better: Suppose I invest 1000 euros to attract website visitors. I have a conversion rate of 5%. With a positive ROI of 10%, I will earn 10% on every euro I invest. So then we get 1000 x 110% = 1100 euros. So with my online SEA campaign, I have now earned 100 Euros in an as-yet undetermined amount of time. And now suppose my conversion rate increases to 10%. In this case, I will achieve a higher ROI, of say 15% (this is not correct, but it’s the idea). Now I earn 1000 x 115% = 1150 euros with my online SEA campaign. So 50 euros more.

The most valuable tip I can give you to make more money online through your website with SEA is: relevance. The higher the relevance of your ad to ad viewers, the higher the conversion will be. If I search on Google for, say, a yellow granny bike, I want to see a yellow granny bike. If I then come across ads of a yellow cyclist bike, it’s not relevant. In short, make your ad as specific as possible and also make sure that you are actually offering that product on your website.

My best advice for making money online with a website

My best tip for making money online is by bringing supply and demand together. As described above, it is perhaps the most difficult option, requiring you to run a long marathon. But that, then, is precisely the reason. Because if it were easy, everyone would do it. And if everyone can do it, then it yields less. That’s kind of the law of money-making. The harder something is to build, the more money you can make from it.

Another valuable tip for making money online is to make sure it is passive income as much as possible. How to build passive income, and what it entails, you can read in this article which is about building a passive income. But the essence of it is that with as little time as possible, you can make as much money as possible. Here automation (of your website) plays a crucial role.

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