Chris MacIntosh Review: Owner of Insider Weekly

Chris MacIntosh Review: Owner of Insider Weekly

Dear Happy Investor, this article is about a review on Chris MacIntosh. He is the man behind the Insider team. Insider is a premium stock investment service. I have had experience with Chris MacIntosh, his team, and the stocks they recommend since 2020. The philosophy is based on deep Value stocks, which the market overlooks. They invest ahead of the herd, in order that they achieve asymmetric returns. Some stocks are now at x20. It is a premium service, whose tactics remind me a bit of Peter Lynch. He too looked for bargains in the market by buying Value stocks that are at the beginning of a new bull market. 

Below is a full Chris MacIntosh review to understand how genius this man really is.

Chris MacIntosh Review: About the Investor

A review of Chris MacIntosh is impressive. He is the man behind Capitalist Exploits, an investment research firm, and the Insider Weekly newsletter editor. He is a wise, wizened veteran of the finance world and a full-time investor. According our review of Chris MacIntosh, he has been featured on Business Insider, Zero Hedge, MarketWatch, Value Walk,, Harvest, The National Business Review, Real Vision, and many other publications. Before starting Capital Exploits, he worked at Lehman Brothers, Invesco Asset Management, JPMChase, & Robert Flemings and managed investments of more than $30 million. 

Chris MacIntosh Review: Experiences and Background


According our review of Chris MacIntosh he was born and raised in South Africa. Throughout his life, he focused on building wealth and saving. His initial career experiences were in law, financial planning, and investment banking. He left South Africa decades ago when he profited by betting against Rand's currency. In London and New York, he worked in finance and investment banking. Then he headed out on his own shortly afterward to launch a hedge fund investing and managing career. 

Chris began and continues to serve as a highly-regarded adviser for High Net Worth families and family offices worldwide. Currently, he has been managing the Asymmetric Opportunities Fund for the past few years. According our review of Chris MacIntosh behavioral economics and global macroeconomics are his areas of concentration in this service. He brings a wealth of experience from working at companies such as JPMorgan, Lehman Brothers, and Robert Fleming and Company. 

One of the most prominent products Macintosh offers today is Capitalist Exploits, the newsletter service that he founded and owns. According our review of Chris MacIntosh, he founded Capitalist Exploits in 2012, although he did not start Insider until years later. More than 30.000 investors have supported his company since its inception. 

Read our full Capitalist Exploits review with our experiences of this premium investing service.

Review of Chris MacIntosh's Capitalist Exploits Insider

According our review of Chris MacIntosh he offers an investment advice service called Capitalist Exploits. Together with his team they work in far-flung locations to uncover rare opportunities with outstanding returns. 

There are three levels of services offered to customers. 

  1. A free news letter that provides advice on trading, opinions, market analysis, etc.
  2. The second service is named Weekly Insider. This is a weekly newsletter with in-depth research about macro economic developments. The newsletter also includes the Big Five. These are 5 deep Value stocks that could return x3 or more, and often deliver high dividends as well. Read more about Weekly Insider.
  3. The third level is the Insider service, which is a premium service for research about the best stocks. This includes the weekly insider and much more. It also includes a full portfolio guidance with 100+ asymmetric investment opportunities, including 10+ themes with deep Value stocks that could return x10 or more. Read more about Insider.

Whatever service you choose, the idea is to learn how to identify and take advantage of these powerful asymmetrical trading opportunities. You will see how to execute the trades Chris and his team recommends as they guide you through the process. It is important to understand that they offer low risk long-term investing opportunities. You will need to be patient, but according to our review of Chris MacIntosh the stocks they have mentioned so far have led to very high returns of x2, x5 and even a few stocks of x20. So one investment of 500 dollars could turn into 10.000 dollars. Below we will explain how that is possible. 



Chris MacIntosh Review and Philosophy on Investing

The last fifteen years have seen Chris gaining profit, losing, and making millions of dollars again on several occasions. While speculating in countries unknown to many investors, he developed contacts and big-time investing expertise along the way. According to our review of Chris MacIntosh he considers himself first and foremost an investor. His investment plan is always centered on finding the best locations for his capital to maximize its potential returns. To do this, Chris believes a global perspective is imperative. Chris considers it fun rather than work.

Specifically, Chris looks for stocks in sectors that no one wants to touch, those that are undervalued. Those are what's known as asymmetric investment opportunities, and you'll hear him talk about them quite often when you sign up for any of his services. Basically, he chases trends, but not the way you might think. Beyond his life experience and education, Chris has repeatedly mentioned the importance of making quality contacts at high levels in all kinds of industries worldwide.

His investing blog, which he offers without charge to investors, is another passion of his. Through it, he was able to broaden and deepen his network and contacts. His newsletter services explore global macroeconomics from a global investment perspective. The reason for this, according to him, is that he was "baptized into the world of business and travel at a young age." 

According to our review of Chris MacIntosh the stocks he recommends at Capitalist Exploits tend to target sectors that appear to be on the verge of a bull market. You can better understand him and his team's approach by looking at the stocks they do not recommend.

Capital Exploits avoids:

  1. Crypto projects (not all, just most)
  2. Growth stocks (too risky)
  3. Startups (too volatile)
  4. Pot stocks (too many flops)
  5. Stocks listed on the S&P (the team deems the potential gain low)

Chris and his team avoid investments that may see speculative gains or stocks that may see small growth, as they want you to get the most out of your dollar. Instead, they focus on deep Value stocks that offer minimum risk but potentially high returns as they trade far below their current and future intrinsic value.

Capitalist Exploits investment sectors include:

  1. Mining & rare earth 
  2. Energy
  3. Shipping
  4. Bitcoin (encouraged it when it was just $450 per coin in 2014)
  5. And many more

When you review Chris MacIntosh and his team's research material, it becomes apparent why these sectors are preferred over more traditional stock picks you might encounter online. They invest before the herd. And that is how they realize very high returns.

They offer their full research and weekly updates (newsletter + Q&A), including portfolio guidance and dividend stocks, within the Insider service. This is a premium service for long-term stock investors. The only downside is the pricing of $2500 per year. However, Happy Investors has a partnership and we are enabled to offer an exclusive $1000 discount to our readers. 

Click for more information about Insider and our $1000 discount.



Chris MacIntosh Review: a Team of Hedge Fund Managers

According to our review of Chris MacIntosh he works a team consisting of former hedge fund managers and trading experts, all of whom have generated tremendous profits independently for their respective companies. They are now combining their individual expertise with Chris' expertise to uncover x10 investments that are yet to be discovered. 

Following is a review of Chris MacIntosh's team of highly experienced investors. 

Brad McFadden Review

Brad is the head trader at Capitalist Exploits. He has been in the trading markets for more than 20 years. Brad managed high net worth clients' funds at Henry Ansbacher, among his past positions. He also managed a trading book for Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa, where both Chris and Brad come from but are unlikely to return due to political and economic reasons. Brad is also a co-founder of Right Path Investing, which provides investment education and community.

Jamie Keech Review

Jamie Keech is an executive editor at Capitalist Exploits, which is an appropriate position given his background. He is an engineer turned deal maker. He began his career in mining. After earning a bachelor's degree in Mineral Exploration at the University of Toronto, he worked in the field in Southwestern US and Canada before returning to school in the UK at the Camborne School of Mines. 

As well as hosting Resource Insider and providing free advice on podcasts, Youtube, etc., Keech has also taught an introduction to mine course at Nanjing University in China as well as giving seminars on some of mining's technical aspects for PWC. Currently, he is also managing a private investment company he founded in 2018, Ivaldi Ventures.



Nick D'Onofrio Review

Nicholas is one of Chris's team members at Resource Insider. His first job was trading Euro/Dollar interest rates, and later, he went on to develop a trading strategy based on market microstructure at Eldorado Trading Group. Then Nick worked for Mariner Wealth Advisors, where he studied trading strategies focused on the global macro market. After that, he attended the Colorado School of Mines for a Master's degree.

Harris Kupperman Review

Harris is Chris' friend and fellow hedge fund manager. He founded Praetorian Capital, a hedge fund that has had wildly successful returns (x26 in the first five years). He also founded Mongolia Growth Group, a publicly-traded company specializing in the acquisition, management, leasing, renovation, and development of properties.

Lucas Gianello Review

He manages the marketing side of Capitalist Exploits. Additionally, you'll see him participating in Insider Q&A webinars as well as the Insider introduction videos. He keeps the engine running for the customers. If you have questions, Lucas will help you out.

We invest a part of our money according to the Insider service. Do you want to be a part of this team as well? Click for more information about Insider and our $1000 discount.

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